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The Toltec Secret: Art of Dreaming

  • Studio Grand 3234 Grand Avenue Oakland, CA, 94610 United States (map)

The Toltec Secret: Art of Dreaming
with Sergio Magaña
Monday-Tuesday, October 12-13
Studio Grand, 3234 Grand Avenue, Oakland

The Ancient Nahuatl peoples said that if you want to consciously create or manifest anything in your life, the Earth must 'dream it' first. Sergio is trained in the Tol lineage (Nahualism) of 'dreaming knowledge' that has been passed in oral tradition without interruption from Master to student for over 1,460 years. Learn to manifest your reality by connecting with your Nahual (sleeping aspect) and navigating your dreams. Sergio is one of the few spokespersons asked to share this ancient and wisdom with the world.

You will learn how to:

Dream to create the reality you want, connecting your 'nahual' (sleeping aspect) for manifestation in the 'tonal' (awake aspect) of self

Evoke a state of 'ensoñacion' for lucid dreaming & to navigate the map of the dreaming world

Fall asleep according to the lineage practice, in a way that works

Use exercises to remember your dreams

Recapitulate your awake state to give you enough energy for lucid dreaming

Transform 'heavy' dreams and refocus them for positive manifestation - a powerful process to create anything

'Seed into the fire' the dreams of things you want to create

Find the sacred place for the planting of dreams

Interpret what the Aztec Codex says about dreams, their meaning and their prescription for your life

Invite and recognize Ancestors and Wise Helpers into your dreams and benefit from their guidance and wisdom

Sergio Magaña will also be presenting Obsidian Mirror on October 10-11.