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The Toltec Secret: Obsidian Mirror

  • Studio Grand 3234 Grand Avenue Oakland, CA, 94610 United States (map)

The Toltec Secret: Obsidian Mirror
with Sergio Magaña
Saturday-Sunday, October 10-11
Studio Grand, 3234 Grand Avenue, Oakland

In this workshop we discover an ancient Tol-Mexica technique which allows us to go deep into our unconscious to transform & remove hidden, repetitive patterns that prevent us from expressing our full potential.

Using a combined process of rituals, powerful breathing techniques, meditative states and visualizations, we learn how to use the Obsidian Mirror (Tezcatlipoca) - the most powerful, sacred object used in the Toltec-Aztec tradition, as a portal to the unconscious mind.

Learn to use this powerful tool to work directly where creation begins, in your inner underworlds. Clean the 9 destructive forces of your unconscious - aspects of your shadow self. The Obsidian Mirror practice helps us access deep levels of the unconscious, to awaken inner wisdom, open our vision, remove harmful repetitive patterns and stop resistance to change.

Learn to see through the perceptual vision of the ancient Wisdom Keepers of Mexico handed down by powerful mystics in oral tradition from master to student for hundreds of years. You will have the opportunity to purchase an obsidian mirror during workshop for continued practice at home.

Develop your power with the Obsidian Mirror by learning to:

Use Toltec breathings to change your perception and access altered states

Tame the 'Nahual', your 'dreamer' to change outcomes in your 'awake' state

Access your animal allies, your 'Nahual' & Tonal, dreaming and awake

Enter the empty space, the place of Centeotl (God), the source of consciousness for wisdom & answers

See aspects and faces of your shadow (the enemy, the trickster, storyteller, fighter, egotist) and the way to heal them

See the faces of the Ancestors in your energy to draw on their wisdom, guidance and experience

See your Quetzalcoatl, the ‘flowering symbol' of yourself; the Enlightened One, and bring it to life.

Use the Obsidian Mirror for healing of self and others

See the image of the best possible you, the beauty beyond your form

Sergio Magaña will also be presenting Art of Dreaming on October 12-13.