The Clergy of Come As You Are Pagan Congregation

Baba Jaina Bee, High Priestx of the Eternal Now
Duat Ka Neit Kismet, High Priestess Who Walks Between The Worlds
Gatekeeper Jey, High Priest of Doorways and Crossroads
Gwen, Priestess of Story and Song
Halowen, Priest of Enfolding Humanity
Heather, High Priestess of Bhakti and Shakti
Juniper, Priestess of Psychosynthesis
Kitsune Hearthweaver, Priestx of the Everyday Sacred
Madame Hummingbird Rainbow, High Priestess of the Witch's Touch
Meadowlark, Priestess of Cultivating Harmony
Melissa ra Karit, Priestx of the Body-Temple
Micharelle Falconite, Priestess of Alchemystic Music
Pawo Rùndaingne Ash, Priest of Fierce Compassion
Q'desha Yansumi Diwata, High Priestess of Musical Ecstasy
Quetzal, Priestess of Perpetual Love 
Ravensong Phoenixfire, Priestess of Soul Integration
Shell, Priestess of the Dance of Belonging
Strega Manea Trinacria, PhK, High Priestess of Wild Magick
Sage Sunsmith, High Priest of Starfire
Wishbringer Molly Blue Dawn, High Priestess of Serendipity

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