The Children of Promise

Each New Moon, CAYA Sprouts (a nature-based family circle within the CAYA Pagan Congregation) invites you to join us in our 2017 New Moon working... Children of Promise.


The Mission

This interfaith New Moon ritual is meant as an affirming and protective blessing for all children of the world, an act of welcome and devotion to the spirits of our future descendants waiting in the stars, and a spark of awakening for anyone who feels the expectant yearning of the soul seed of a Star Child desiring to blossom in the love of their opening human hearts.

Though we each may be alone or in small groups at our individual geographic locations, we all call the same planet home, and by sharing in this working together at every New Moon, we tap into the global awareness of what it means to be members of a collective magical and spiritual Earth family. In time, the Children of Promise, held warmly in our hearts, and nourished and protected by love and starlight, will grow and mature into vibrant, joyful, strong, compassionate and magical adults, ready to guide us all in love to the co-creation of a bright new future!


The Community

Children of Promise is open to babies, children, teenagers, and their Earth village of caregivers.


The Working


  • a copy of Our Shared Tenets and Ideals (see below)

  • A starry night sky or a photo or drawing of the starry night sky.

  • You may also wish to view and/or print this month’s CAYA Sprouts New Moon Stargazing Guide to help orient and familiarize yourself with this month's night sky.

Bring the child/ren and in a special place, either: 1) outdoors, under the starry night sky; 2) indoors, near a window where you can see the night stars; or 3) before your personal altar, or your child/ren's or family altar, with a drawing or photo of the starry night sky.

Invite the child/ren to take 3 centering breaths, relaxing the bod and allowing the weight of gravity to ground their little feet in the earth, sending down roots.  You might say, "Pretend you are a strong plant with roots deep in the ground."

Remind child/ren to continue to breathe deeply, letting the breath flow through their body/ies, gathering any dark or heavy thoughts, feelings or memories and allow them to flow down through their roots to the Earth.

Tell the child/ren, "Mother Earth is a powerful composter and can create rich nutrients from Her powerful energy. When you have gathered as much as feels right to you, take one more cleansing breathe, and surrender them completely. It is a New Moon, and a chance for a fresh new you! With this awareness in your mind, raise your face and turn your eyes to gaze at the starry night sky with awe and wonder. Allow yourself to swim in the ocean of stars and soak in their liquid light. Breathe in deeply and open your heart to the stars, becoming aware that you are of the same essence, the same spark, the same fire. Breathing out, send love to stars...and receive starlight in return.  As the starlight fills your heart with light, it blossoms in love. As you send out more love to the stars, you receive more light in return."

Then, invite the child/ren to:

Breathe out love...Breathe in starlight...Blossom in love
Breathe out love...Breathe in starlight...Blossom in love
Breathe out love...Breathe in starlight...Blossom in love

Have child/ren continue like this until they feel like their heart and whole body overflows with love and light, filling them up until it pours out the top of their head, and creates a bubble of love and light around them.

When your child/ren's bubble of love and light is full, you can recite the following empowering affirmation together as many times as you wish as a protective and affirming self blessing, held in the love and light of the stars. Perhaps say a line and then see if the child/ren will repeat after you:

I dance in the heart of the world
With my Earth family all around me
I am a Shining Star
My Spirit is unstoppable
Now, I am Becoming
I AM the future unfolding
I am Love beyond all Fear
I am a Child of Promise.

- AND/OR, for non-verbal child/ren -

(Holding the Child/ren of Promise in your heart and sending out the love and light of the stars)

May you dance in the heart of the world
With your Earth family all around you
You are a Shining Star
Your Spirit is unstoppable
Now, you are Becoming
You ARE the future unfolding
You are Love beyond all Fear
You are the Child/ren of Promise.


When you and the child/ren feel complete, take several breaths and allow yourself to connect once again to the Earth, pulling energy from the earth to ground you in this body, this life. Grounded, energized and full of life, contemplate our shared tenets and ideals and envision one thing, no matter how big or small, you can do, make, or become, this lunar month, to bring this future into being.

Holding this intention in your heart, invite child/ren to make a wish upon a star and a promise to the Earth that this will be done, for the benefit of all beings!

Say to the child/ren: Now, you are Becoming...You ARE the Future unfolding...You are a Child of Promise!


Our Shared Tenets & Ideals:

The Children of Promise, held warmly in our hearts, and nourished and protected by love and starlight, will grow vibrant, strong, and secure, and guide us in the co-creation of a bright future reflecting the following shared tenets and ideals:

  1. We honor, respect and commune with the Divine Creative force that runs through all things. We recognize the sacredness and interconnectedness of all life and live in harmony with Nature, the elements, the seasons, and the cosmic cycles of life, death and rebirth. We seek to minimize our destructive impact on the planet and the ecosystem and align our lives and lifestyles with an eye towards sustainability and conservation.

  2. The Earth is our Mother: we are all part of a collective Earth family. We co-create joyful,     loving, and interdependent, self-sustaining communities, led with wisdom and compassion, and rooted in a sense of kinship with all living things and the common goals of interpersonal, interspecies, and planetary peace, harmony and well-being.

  3. All Earth's children enjoy fresh, clean    air and water, healthy, natural, affordable and sustainable food and open access to pristine wilderness and nature areas. We share a love and respect for the wilderness, wild animals and wild places as well as respect and support for those who tend the land and her creatures. We are committed to balancing responsible, sustainable farming and food production practices with conservation, restoration and reforestation efforts, as well as educational and recreational opportunities to mindfully interact, connect and develop mutually beneficial relationships with plants, animals, and the natural world.

  4. All living beings, especially all children, are loved, valued, and treated with dignity, compassion, and respect regardless of their physical or mental characteristics or abilities, the attributes of their individual or family identity, or the location or circumstances of their conception or birth. We actively     nurture, care for, cherish and respect our own, and each others' bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits.     

  5. Healthcare is affordable, accessible, and provided with genuine compassion, skill, and commitment to the health of the whole being, healing as a calling and profession values a diverse and complementary range of preventative and curative treatment methods and modalities. Birth control and other critical women’s procedures are readily available, regardless of personal, political, or religious concerns.

  6. We honor one another's divine nature, innate heart-wisdom, and the unique talents and gifts we bring to the world. We share a commitment to education, experiences, and practices which enable our children and ourselves to align with our divine, star, or higher consciousness, listen to the calling of our hearts' desires, and ground and connect with a sense of purpose and place on this Earth. We value and support each other’s sacred life's work and engage in our own sacred work as an act of joyful service for the benefit of the greatest good.

  7. We respect the wisdom and knowledge of lived experience. We value the lives and life stories of the elders, and consider their viewpoints and perspectives when making our life choices (and we expect our children to do the same). Grandparents, parents, aunties, uncles, unties, and auncles of blood and/or affinity both care for and are cared for by the children, and play a vital role in all children's lives.

  8. We value creativity, insight, and fresh perspectives. We appreciate children's inherent sense of playfulness, curiosity, and wonder and seek opportunities to nurture, support, and cultivate these qualities in both our children and ourselves. We allocate time for unsupervised, unstructured exploration, creation, dreaming and play, as well as the pursuit of artistic and creative endeavors.              

  9. We respect children’s intuitive understanding of, and desire for, fairness, balance, and order and we support and model these qualities with integrity in our private and public communications, actions, policies, laws, and processes. We seek to acknowledge, examine     and understand areas of imbalance, disorder or injustice within our lives, our relationships, our communities and the world (including, and especially, ways in which we may be contributing to or colluding with the injustice). We make wise choices of personally appropriate restorative actions and teach our children to do the same.

  10. Feel free to add any of your own ideals here:____________________________________



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