CAYA Congregation is open to all. There are no obligations of membership if you'd like to simply attend our rituals and events, and participate in our community activities. General attendees at CAYA events are welcomed as Congregants. We ask that all Congregants be respectful, polite, compassionate, and inclusive, and actively participate in co-creating safe space. Individuals who exhibit disrespectful behavior, hate speech, unwanted sexual or romantic advances, violence, or otherwise inappropriate conduct will be asked to leave.

Aspirants & Dedicants

For Congregants who have an interest in becoming committed members of CAYA Pagan Congregation, it is recommended that you participate in our Aspirant program. The one-year Aspirant program that begins annually in March consists of monthly classes that offer you a lens through which to approach your relationship with CAYA. You learn, in these classes, about our core principles and themes, methods for gaining your own personal understanding relevant to these, and a more significant sense of how the CAYA community works as a whole. 

CAYA offers both Local and Distance Aspirant Programs. When someone successfully completes the Aspirant program, they are then a Dedicant of CAYA. Dedicants help with public rituals, are welcome to attend private events, and facilitate magical skill-sharing workshops for the CAYA community. For more information about Local or Online Aspirant programs, please send us a query via our Contact page.

Priest/ess/x Training

Come As You Are Pagan Congregation offers practical and spiritual training to those who feel called to serve as Priest/ess/xes (this is our inclusive term encompassing the words Priest, Priestess, and Priestx) in the Pagan community. CAYA Pagan Congregation's Wildflower Tradition is a public-and-ritual-service based training tradition designed for individuals who also have outside jobs, families, and commitments. The goal of the training is to align each Priest/ess/x with the collectively-held practices, philosophies, and methods that serve the heart of the CAYA Community, and ways of living personal values in an ethical,  transparent, courageous, compassionate manner.

Priest/ess/x training in the Wildflower Tradition is an intense commitment of one year, followed by a year of practicum, known as the Ordination Service Year. The training year involves:

  • a monthly day-long group retreat with an Initiator
  • service on 8 rituals within the year
  • service at 2 community events and 2 public service initiatives
  • a reading list of 8 books that present a series of central Pagan concepts through various frameworks
  • participation in online discussions
  • regular personal check-ins with an experienced member of the Tradition.

The Ordination Service Year involves the newly-ordained Priest/ess/xes assuming roles of leadership and responsibility, as well as the demonstration of effective personal growth, self-monitoring, and commitment to collectivity as per the community's mutually-agreed-upon protocols.

At this time, Priest/ess/x training in CAYA Pagan Congregation's Wildflower Tradition is only available to those who are able to participate locally, who have successfully completed the Local Aspirant program and are Dedicants of CAYA Congregation.

MEET THE Priest/ess/xes OF CAYA!