Blog Action Day Roundup

As members of CAYA (Come As You Are) Coven many of us participated in Blog Action Day, each with our own perspective, experience, & approach, much as we approach our various spiritual practices. We hold each of our members’ divinity as inherent and non-negotiable. Despite our varied paths, we are unified in our commitment to equality for all living creatures. While we write in solidarity for anyone suffering #inequality today, we are more interested in what ways we can achieve more equality for tomorrow.

Tar Sand Inequality owl writes on how the Canadian government has allowed petroleum to be extracted from tribal lands in violation of treaty rights.

Call Me Ze Melissa writes about the power of names and naming, and how important it is to zir to have zir pronouns used.

Invisible Artists Rowan writes about how, "Art history is often revisionist history, as the value and contributions of women and people of color were dismissed or destroyed, and conspicuously omitted from the books and teachings of the day (and often still)."

Income Inequality Molly writes about the rise of income inequality in the U.S. and its widespread, damaging effects.

being white and a minority "is not possible in the U.S." begins Rabbit's piece on power, privilege, and race.

We hope you consider the many and varied ways #inequality effects us all.