Honoring of the Selkie with the Cauldron of the Celts

In the Cauldron of the Celts, we are creating a modern sacred calendar for the dedicated deities and spirits we serve. We invite all who feel called to join us in revitalizing the honor and glory of the Gods at your own altars with us on these Holy Days.
June 20th-21st is Midsummer’s Eve, the time we honor the Selkie.

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What's Happening in Our Temples

Naos Isis, CAYA's devotional group for Isis/Au Set, will be offering sacred geometry divinations at the Berkeley Pagan Festival this weekend. And watch this newsletter for more info coming soon about our Summer Solstice ritual to Isis, which will be our first bilingual ritual conducted entirely in both English and Spanish, with the help of CAYA priestess Quetzal and Aspirant Carolina, who is the founder and presiding priestess of the Circulo de Isis. For more info about the Circulo, visit http://circulodeisis.org


CAYA's Order of the Black Madonna elevated three members to Sisterhood and welcomed two new Novice sisters this past weekend in a private ceremony. The Order accepts prayer requests at their website, and prays for all petitions at each Dark Moon. Visit www.orderblackmadonna.com for more details.


CAYA's Rose & Dove Society Priestesses hosted a beautiful Temple of Aphrodite ritual this past weekend, featuring newly-ordained Priestess Quetzal. We decorated candles and listened to beautiful songs and guitar accompaniment.