Walking with Artemis at the Dyke March and the Solstice of the Fertile Mother!

Happy Pride!

The Sisters of the Huntress, a devotional group honoring Artemis and Diana within CAYA Coven, are happy to announce Walking With Artemis at The San Francisco Dyke March, as well as the Rite of the Fertile Mother!

This all takes place on Saturday, June 27th. We will gather at 3pm near 18th and Delores in SF. This will be our time for sacred songs, revelry and sisterhood. We will (those that wish) take our tops off, adorn ourselves with words of power, and join the March!

About 5pm, The Sisters of the Huntress will head to the Bloodroot Honey Rite of the Fertile Mother, in Alameda. This rite will start later than usual, at 8pm, at the Home of Truth Cottage. We will call upon Artemis as the Midwife, to assist us as we birth our dreams, projects, and goals.

Any and all self-identified women are welcome to join us for all, or any part, of the day!
Possible rideshare if needed, contact walkingwithartemis@gmail.com with questions or to RSVP!

Walking with Artemis at The Dyke March:

Welcome all you sisters in Goddess! Join the Sisters of the Huntress as we enjoy a day of freedom and sovereignty!
We are meeting at 18th and Delores in San Francisco at 3pm, to join the March beginning at 3:30!
We will sing to the Maiden Goddess, paint our bodies with words of power and march together as sisters.
Contact walkingwithartemis@gmail.com with questions or to RSVP!

The Solstice of the Fertile Mother:

The Bloodroot Honey Priestess Tribe invites all self-identified women to
Come As You Are to the Solstice of The Fertile Mother!

Saturday, June 27, 2015
the Cottage at the Home of Truth
1300 Grand St, Alameda, CA 94501
doors at 7:45, ritual begins at 8pm
$20 donation requested, no one turned away

Please be welcome as we gather to honor Artemis, the midwife, and seek her aid to create and make manifest our desires and dreams. We are the mothers, the makers, and midwives to the future. At this ritual, we will focus our dreams and bless our bodies, honoring all that they can create. We will be offering special blessings to women who are carrying a child, have recently given birth, or those who wish to conceive. 

Please bring a blanket to sit on, any pillows or comfort items you might need or want, and any special items you wish to charge on the altar.
Feel free to bring cakes & ale to share, if you like.