Rain Song

Greetings on this bright and sunny (at least, here in the Bay Area) winter day. We seem to be doing an excellent job of calling in the rains this year. Keep it up! Here's this week's rain working, a lovely rain song from Molly Blue Dawn.

"I feel the rain

Upon my skin

I know that I am whole again

The water heals

My thirsting soul

I know that I am always whole!"

Rain Making

There is currently a significant drought in California, and many of us are feeling it keenly, with dry gardens, extreme water-saving measures, and rising costs of fresh water. There are some counties where the water has run out almost completely for the local people.

To bring our attention, focus, and desire for rain to a more significant level, we've collected a number of rain songs, sigils, spells, and meditations from our Priest/esses, Initiates, Dedicants, and Aspirants,  and we are excited to be sharing them with you! We hope many will join in our rainmaking magick in weekly posts we'll be making throughout the rainy season.

Please explore this week's offering, a lovely rain song by Priestess Aurora Rose.