CAYA Coven Speaks Up Against Police Militarization, Brutality, & Racism

CAYA Coven’s full name is “Come As You Are Coven.” This is not merely pretty language, it is because the foundation of our shared purpose as a community is the recognition of the divinity inherent in all human beings. In the wake of the deplorable Grand Jury decisions regarding the murders of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, countless other affronts to justice and equal protection for all have been brought to light. This is not a new reality. Our prayers and hearts are with all of the people of this nation, Black and Brown, living daily with the realities of the racist American justice system and all those killed, raped, and brutalized by the police.

The country as a whole can no longer deny the institutional racism that operates within the system; a system that targets its citizens for punishment and violence based on race, ethnicity, color, sex and/or gender expression, or sexual orientation, is not a system for the people by the people. CAYA has and will continue to work spiritually and practically in our actions to bring circular shared power dynamics to the social and spiritual consciousness. As racism in America is being confronted and challenged, we know it to be our duty to commit ourselves as a community to exemplifying diversity and respect.

We are committed to understanding our own varied weights of privilege and to the process of dismantling the internal racism we have all been raised with in American culture.  

We support the efforts of peaceful protest as well as civil disobedience to awaken and change a system that kills with impunity Black and Brown people living in America. The militarized police responses and the use of methods outlawed in war by the Geneva Convention at these protests have only underscored the desperate need for change in this system.

We encourage everyone who hears the call to stand for justice and to find ways to uplift the marginalized, to listen to their voices and to place their lived experiences at the center of the discourse. We encourage dialogue that acknowledges and supports Black and Brown people as the centerholders and authorities regarding this issue.

We actively encourage everyone to use their voices and votes to demand your local and state representatives enact the needed legislative changes to reform the police and legal system. We encourage all Americans of conscience to get involved in local government, to call and write to their city councils, their state representatives, and the federal government. Find your local representatives’ contact information here.

CAYA Coven will continue to endeavor to be a safe spiritual space for people of color. We welcome dialogue with our community to ensure that safe space.

We continue with our global magical justice workings, Mothers of the New Time and Fathers of Change, with renewed strength and focus.  These magical acts are neither panacea nor substitute for more direct action. They are motivating forces, spells to bring about a society based on mutual care and reciprocal responsibility. If you’d like to take part in these intentions, find Mothers of the New Time here and Fathers of Change here.

We have family in St. Louis, in New York, in Chicago, in Los Angeles, all places where there is current and ongoing police violence. We gather for worship in Berkeley and in Oakland, where there is current and ongoing police violence. We are part of the greater human family, and we weep for the fallen, the beaten and the maimed. We fear for our own friends, families and loved ones who suffer injustice. We see you, we stand with you.

May the ideals of our civilization prevail over the comfort of its more privileged citizens. May unethical uses of power be dealt with civilly, yet uncompromisingly. May Black and Brown people be given their long-overdue respect and recompense, and may we collectively guarantee the rightful acknowledgement and address of their fear, grief, anger, and outrage. May we endeavor to truly ensure the rights of all people by resisting, criticizing, and dismantling systems of injustice.

Blessed Be.