Wheel of the Year Activities: Flower Offerings for the Fae and Fast & Slow Water Collection

Flower Offerings for the Fae

March, and Spring in general, is a great time to interact with the fairy folk that live out in nature. Flowers are budding and beginning to bloom, and it can be a lovely time to get outside, to go for a walk or a picnic, or just sit outside.

Tie up a few small nosegay-sized bundles of flowers to make offerings to the fae and to the spirits of a local stream. Pick a day that looks like it's going to be really nice (not too terribly difficult in the Bay Area), and go to the head of a creek, such as Sausal Creek in Oakland, then hike up to the very top of the creek (or as close as you can get), where the waters flow out from the hills, and take some time to sit quietly and enjoy just being outside.

After a short meditation, find a place to leave your flower offerings to the spirits of the place, and to the fairy folk.


Fast and Slow Water Collection

The second part of the activity is to collect fast and slow waters from the creek. Slow waters can be collected from smaller pools where the water is sitting and still. Fast waters can be collected from where it spills over natural dams and rushes downstream. Collect the waters in small glass jars (you can label them simply with permanent markers). These kinds of waters can be very useful in spell work; fast waters can be added to a potion to make the result come quickly, or slow waters can be used in a potion designed to aid calmness, contemplation, or sleep. There are as many uses for them as you can think of.