Reminder - Chaturthi Feast in Honor of Lord Ganesh this Saturday, 9/19!

The Openers of the Way joyfully request the pleasure of your company at our Chaturthi Feast celebration in honor of Lord Ganesha's birthday!  Sweets! Snacks! Parade! Puja! Party! Bring your favorite sweet treats, decadent desserts, and savory snacks to share.  This is a potluck style event and we have folks with a wide variety of dietary needs so please mark your dishes (vegan and/or gluten-free dishes are especially welcomed). 

Date: Saturday September 19
Time: 5pm - 11pm
Where: 702 Vermont St, San Francisco, CA 94107

Our celebration of Ganesha's birthday will include:

  • a parade/procession around the local neighborhood.  We will sing! We will dance! We will bless the land and be blessed by the land! We welcome folks to bring bells, drums, tambourines, or other joyous noisemakers for this part of the event!
  • a ritual to honor Ganesh, in all his forms
  • Bollywood movies! Singing! Dancing! Feasting! Celebrating!

ALSO! We will be collecting donations of money and canned food!  And if you're not able to attend in person, there are ways to donate online! Our donations will go to:

  • Alameda County Community Food Bank(use the drop-down menu on the top right corner to attribute your donation to CAYA so that we can keep track and hit our $500 goal).
    Every $1 donated turns into $6 worth of aid for over 240 food pantries, soup kitchens, and community aid organizations in Alameda county. We will also be collecting canned goods for the ACCFB during our event so please bring something if you are able.
  • David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: the DSWT is dedicated to helping save the lives of orphaned elephants and rhinos and has become one of the largest and most successful organizations in rescuing and rehabilitating these treasures.
    The Openers of The Way help to foster 5 of the orphaned elephants currently being cared for by the DSWT.
  • CAYA Scholarship Fund: this fund helps the members of our community in their times of need so that they are able to participate in continuing their training at CAYA sponsored events. If you would like to donate online, please contact us directly at so that we can facilitate.

NOTE: we'll likely start our parade around 6pm with ritual to follow around 7/7:30pm.  Since we're in SF and will be heading outside, please dress in layers appropriate to the SF weather. Whether you can come for all or just for a bit, everyone is welcome!

Jai Ganesh!

Blog Roundup for the Week of August 3rd

Hello friends! Welcome to this week's Blog Roundup. The Clergy of CAYA Coven are out there blogging about all manner of amazing things and we want to make sure you have the opportunity to read them all. In service to you, our wonderful community, we've gathered up these links.

The Feast of the Dagda Branwen raises righteous praise to the crew, participants, and the Good God himself after CAYA's amazing Heart and Harvest Festival last Saturday.

Back in the Game Ivy gives us a sneak peak into how her re-entry into the Tarot card project is going.

Up in the Air and Sutro Baths Ivy shares some exciting adventures she's been having with a visiting friend.

A Letter to Aphrodite Ladybug uses rose-scented paper to write a letter to Aphrodite and lets us witness her process.

Wordless Wednesday: Wildflowers by the Sea Ivy offers another gorgeous photo.

3 Big Questions on Social Justice Melissa asks some questions for self-reflection on out awareness around social justice issues.

OK Cupid Opening Lines Ladybug gives us a glimpse into OK Cupid and some ridiculous lines tried on her.


-Your Education and Information Track Team