CAYA Coven’s Devotional Offerings at Pagan Fest 2015!

CAYA Coven invites you to come out and enjoy a day of festivities and pride, right in the heart of Berkeley! After several years of hiatus the Pagan Alliance is returning the much beloved Pagan Festival to the Bay Area this Saturday, May 9th from 11am - 5pm at the Civic Center Park in Berkeley. If you and your family would like to get out and see the various Pagan groups, people and events that are taking place in the Bay Area, this is a great festival to attend!

CAYA will have our own info booth with information on our rituals and events, so be sure to stop by and visit!  The CAYA info booth will also be hosting several offerings throughout the day put on by several of CAYA’s internal devotional groups. Each public priest/ess within CAYA is dedicated their deities of choice, to represent them to the community and in the greater world. From these dedication various affinity and devotional groups have formed, dedicating to revitalizing the reverence and honor of the Gods. Some groups are formed around a single deity, others pantheons or cultural context, and some from affinity.  Keep an eye on our website,, for future information about the different groups and their activities!

CAYA Devotional Offerings Schedule Pagan Fest 2015:

12 - 1pm - Cauldron of the Celts : Petitions to the Cauldron's Gods and Personal Saining
2 - 3pm - Naos Isis : Sacred geometry crafts and oracles in honor of Seshat and Isis.
3 - 4pm - Order of the Black Madonna : Holy Water Blessings
4 - 5pm - Wisdom & Compassion : Kuan Yin poem divinations

Come stop by, meet the clergy that are serving and refresh yourself with the blessings they have to offer!

The Cauldron of the Celts are a group of individual clergy of various paths of practice that are dedicated to deities and entities from the different Celtic cultures. Together we strive bring honor and glory to their names. To represent true hospitality, honor, and justice in the world, with a dedication to fine scholarship, lively tales, and excellent ale.

Naos Isis is the temple of CAYA Priest/esses who are publicly dedicated and devoted to the great goddess Isis. Through diverse understandings and connections to Isis, the members of Naos Isis work to bring the love, compassion, healing, and wisdom of the Great Queen and Mother to the larger CAYA community.

The Order of the Black Madonna was created to give honor and devotion to Our Lady of Grace in her form as the Dark Mother. The sisters of the Order take on devotional names, and commit themselves to a practice of prayer and intercession on behalf of women, minorities, the oppressed, the afraid, the disenfranchised, and all others who need the Might and Compassion of Our Lady.

Wisdom & Compassion, CAYA’s devotional group dedicated to Kuan Yin and Tara, will be offering tea, divinations using Kuan Yin’s oracles, and chanting. Namo Kuan Shih Yin Pusa!

The Pagan Fest is still looking for more volunteers to help bring the magic together! If you would like to get involved and meet some amazing people email Arlynne for more information:

See you at the Fest!