Blessing for the Body in the Night

Blessing for the Body in the Night                                                                     

by Melissa ra Karit


Night bless your feet

May they carry you far for long walks in the dark

Night bless your legs

May they dance the night through

Night bless your hips and what's cradled between them

May the dance of your pleasure be long, wet, deep, high, and full

Night bless your belly

May the empty ache that sometimes finds you in the middle of the night

teach you how to hold space

Night bless your chest and your beating heart

May you be alive to the electric pulse of the night

Night bless your throat

May you rest with the silence and scream with the music

Night bless your eyes

May their heaviness be eased

Night bless your crown

May the flash of your thoughts bring you great inspiration

Night bless your body

Awake in the night


Be joyful!

Blog Roundup for October 19th-25th

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Fall Body Blessing

By Melissa ra Karit

As the Wheel turns to fall, here is a blessing to bring your body fully into the season.

Fall Body Blessing

I bless your feet with the relief of fall

May you have time to put them up

I bless your arms and legs with strength

May you have the endurance to bring the harvest in

I bless your back and shoulders with ease

May you release what no longer serves you and be lighter for it

I bless your voice with the silence of fall

May you find peace in being quiet for a time

I bless your gut with the satisfaction of fall

May you uncoil and rest easy with the knowledge that the fruits of your labor are coming to you

I bless your skin

May you be alive to the shifting of the wind, rain, and sun

I bless all your senses with the beauty of fall

May your eyes drink in the rust red glory of leaves

May your tongue taste the richness of slowly roasted vegetables and heart stews

May your ears hear the wailing of the wind and the crackling of the leaves

May you touch the plumpness of grapes, the soft crumble of leaves, and the thickness of fog

May your nose smell spice and woodsmoke

I bless your heart

May you be aglow with all that fall brings!

A Sun Blessing for the Body-Temple

Begin by putting on a protective layer of sunscreen. Grab a towel and find a nice patch of sunlight outdoors. Remove your socks, shoes, and outer layers. If you are so inclined and have a safe space to do so, you can strip all the way down. Lay down on your towel in the sun. As each part of the blessing is said, envision that part of your body being filled with sunlight.


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