Epona's Abundance Rising Oil

“In women's leadership, we find peace, prosperity, and joy. We all thrive.”
~Epona, Horse Goddess, Rite of the Abundant Queen. Bloodroot Honey Priestess Tribe, CAYA Coven.

This past Blue Moon, CAYA Coven’s Bloodroot Honey Priestess Tribe offered their annual Rite of the Abundant Queen, and I received the honor of being asked by a priestess of the BRHP Tribe to prepare an abundance oil for this powerful ritual. This year’s abundance blessing was received from ancient Horse Goddess Epona, worshipped widely throughout the entire Celtic and Roman worlds. Epona teaches women of their strength and sovereignty. The blessed wisdom that our body and our realms are connected and holy helps women discover their wholeness within themselves and all that women can rule. Women can rise in power. To manifest prosperity and abundance for ourselves and each other, the responsibilities of leadership lie in helping each other rise and fostering the wisdom to know we need more than an abundance of wealth and success to change the world. We must also cultivate an abundance of joy and beauty.

In the spirit of abundance, I share with you my recipe and mystical process for creating this oil for yourself and others. All materials and ingredients needed are listed. If there is a local shoppe near you that sells apothecary goods and wares, I encourage you to support your local economy. If not, all materials and ingredients can be found easily online. This is an abundance working. As with any magical act, regardless of how big or small, it is important to set one's intent, for what we put out in the world returns to us threefold. So your very first act in this working will be balancing choices of personal budget with sustainability, quality of products, and merchant's ethics when acquiring the materials to perform this prosperity magic.


  • 3 teeny jars with lids

  • Something to label your bottle of Abundance Oil (Or print the label at the beginning of this post)

  • One clean and dry 4 oz. glass bottle with lid.

  • Optional - Latex or nitrile gloves [for those like myself with sensitive proclivities to touch]

  • One small clean rag for clean up [just in case of dribbles & spills]

Make sure new, unused oil and teeny bottles and 4 oz. glass bottle are clear of dust & particulates. If reusing bottles, clean them thoroughly in the dishwasher or by hand in the kitchen sink. Make sure the containers are cleaned of dust & grime and are dried completely in their insides. This would also be the time to bless your vessels, for they have the sacred honor of holding the magic.


  • Cinnamon

  • Vetiver

  • Rose Geranium

  • Ylang Ylang

  • Orange Sweet

  • Bergamot

  • Black Pepper

  • Sandalwood

  • Frankincense

Undiluted essential oils should not be used directly on skin, they should be mixed with a carrier oil. For this oil blend will be using 4 oz. of olive oil as the carrier.

Safety note regarding essential oils:

  • Keep all essential oils out of reach of children and pets.

  • Avoid the contact of undiluted essential oils on the skin.

  • Do not take Abundance Oil internally.

  • Use essential oils with caution when pregnant or breastfeeding. [Consult your healthcare provider]

  • Please note: If you are allergic to the food or the plant, you will be allergic to its corresponding essential oil.

More info from the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy.

Beginning three days before the full moon

This working is most powerful when performed during the three days before a Full Moon, culminating on the night of the Full Moon itself. Take the three days before the Full Moon to prep oneself. The notion of abundance, whether related to money, career success, or love, brings up many hopes, dreams, shadows, and fears. Processing through the activities, listed below, over three days will help ready your mind for the awareness needed to center the working. You may also wish to craft a poem, song, chant, prayer, sigil, art, etc that encapsulates the energy of your abundance  working. Spending the three days prior to the Full Moon to complete your symbol allows components to charge on your altar as you progress.  

Day One


Make a list of all abundance in your life. Think beyond material. Abundance is everything: social, emotional, spiritual, etc. Don't forget your talents and qualities. Note all of this and give thanks.

To ground the Abundance Oil, first pour the oils for Epona.

Olive oil symbolizes Epona's Roman connection, and the olive branch is a symbol of peace, especially peaceful relations, amongst people throughout the world. For in women's leadership, we find peace, as well as prosperity and joy. We all thrive. Find within you the peace you currently possess.  You have it. It is there. Focus on it and the abundance of peace flowing from you and returning as you pour the olive oil into your 4 oz. glass container. Charge it on your altar.


Time to lay the foundations for your abundance. Visualize what symbolizes a foundation for your abundance. Is it a literal foundation? A treasure chest? A cup overflowing? During my working with Epona for this oil, eye envisioned a wild chestnut mare grazing contently in a lush, expansive green field near a river. As you feel the energy of your vision, blend the following three oils in the first of the three teeny jars and charge on your altar.

  • 3 drops Cinnamon ~enhance natural feminine magnetic intuitive powers

  • 3 drops Vetiver ~the comfort of knowing you you have everything and all will be provided.

  • 9 drops Rose Geranium ~an abundance of love ties it all together.

Day Two


Gently observe yourself today. How you feel when you spend money? How do you feel when you don't have it? Do you feel you are prosperous? Why? Why not? What are your mental obsessions around abundance & scarcity? Release these shadows and fears by writing them down (let them flow) and tossing them away (let them go). Pour the next three oils and charge on your altar.

  • 3 drops Ylang Ylang ~before abundance can flow, transform negatives to positives

  • 3 drops Orange Sweet ~the smell of knowing you can

  • 3 drops Bergamot ~magnetizes abundance

Day Three

Opening the Way

Make note of any dreams, signs, omens, & serendipities you have had in the last couple of days that correlate to abundance. These are encrypted messages from the Universe. Write them down and read them aloud to yourself.
Note any and all sudden flashes. Pour the next three oils and charge on your altar.

  • 3 drops Black Pepper ~an ultra boost of positivity

  • 3 drops Sandalwood ~increase creativity and adaptability

  • 3 drops Frankincense ~a great spiritual attractor. right alignment in right livelihood. it will also amplify abundance, creating an overabundance to share.

Night of the full moon

Whether you have a home apothecary, work in your kitchen, or at your altar, create your sacred space and gather the olive and the three essential oil blends.  
Center yourself. Breathe. Find your peace.
Set your intent by picking three areas of focus.


  • money

  • shelter

  • food

  • career advancement or change

  • health

  • land

Once you have chosen the three areas of abundance you wish to increase, open to the flow of abundance around you.

Begin your poem, song, incantation, sigil, magical act, etc.
Pour three oil blends into the olive oil.  
Give thanks and gratitude to the Abundant Queen for Her generosity and the gifts she has bestowed upon you.

You may leave the completed blend to charge for three days after the Full Moon or use right away.

May the abundance of the Goddess be forever in your heart.

Merry meet. (^_^)

"Feed someone a fish. They'll eat for a day. Teach them how to fish and they'll eat forever."
~Maimonides sung and paraphrased by Arrested Development with the term "man" replaced by a more inclusive reference