CAYA Sprouts Family Circle October 2017: Celebrate our Beloved Dead

CAYA Sprouts invites families of all sorts, and children of all ages to our October circle, where we will honor and celebrate our Beloved Dead.

Sunday, October 22, 11:00AM-2:00PM

Location: private residence in Oakland
(Please RSVP for address)

RSVP (by October 19):*
*Note: If you are not yet a member, you will need to request to join the Google Group before you can RSVP.

This month, we will gather together to craft small shoebox altars in remembrance of our Beloved Dead, followed by a sweet and heartfelt celebration sharing stories, songs and Samhain Chili to welcome and honor the presence of our Beloved Dead in our hearts and our lives.

Please come (and have kids come) prepared with pictures (photo or hand drawn) of any one of your/their Beloved Dead to be honored in this way.  This may be an ancestor of blood or affiliation, deceased pet, etc. Charms, stickers, glue, scissors, paper, and other crafty materials will be provided, but feel free to bring any additional items or relics that you or your kids would like to include in your altar.

Note: We will have a few extra shoeboxes, but if you have one at home, please bring that as well. Alternatively, if you have crafted shoebox altars in the past (with us or elsewhere) and want to keep working on/adding to your previous year's creations, feel free to bring them along!

Come As You Are Pagan Congregation’s Sprouts Family Circles are monthly gatherings of eclectic, interfaith families with a desire to co-create safe, fun, loving, magical, child-centric spaces where kids and their caregivers can come together to deepen their relationship with Nature, Mother Earth, and each other. We honor all spiritual paths and strive to create a mutually supportive environment in which to explore and develop our own unique practices to integrate Earth-based spirituality and parenting.

Families of all sorts, with children of all ages are welcome. Activities can be shortened or modified to make them suitable for even the youngest child, and the older children are encouraged to deepen their practice and develop their leadership skills by assisting adults with the planning and facilitation of structured activities, as well as assisting with caregiving and mentoring during the kids free-play/adult discussion time.

Aphrodite's Altar

Cross-posted from Ladybug's Adventures

At the last dark moon, my personal work involved a lot of general moving-in activities like cleaning and organizing, but the part where I focused the most energy and intention was specifically towards setting up an altar to Aphrodite in my bedroom and manifesting bedroom decor worthy of her.  That way, I can think of the whole room as being hers, like a mini temple.  Of course, when I say “hers” I don’t mean it first belongs to her and then to me.  What I mean is that she is the patron of the room.  It’s energetically under her auspices.  The way that I live in that room is a reflection of who I am as her priestess, and it’s a place for her and I to relate and blend on a daily basis.  It’s a place for me to feed her and for her to revitalize me.

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