Get These Goddesses to Glastonbury!

The Mothers of the New Time have been invited to present at this year’s Glastonbury Goddess Conference!

This is the opportunity of a lifetime - perhaps many lifetimes! While we are in Britain, we will visit as many sacred sites as possible, bringing our own prayers and petitions as well as making magic for our wider community.

Each Priestess has been saving money and creating fundraising opportunities to pay her own way, and the Mothers as a tribe have been joining forces and resources to keep our expenses as low as possible and ensure that no Mother is left behind!

Expenses to make this magic happen include airfare, accommodation in London and Glastonbury, transportation, food, and other necessities while we are in Britain, and admission to the Conference.  It all adds up to quite a sum, so we will also need to raise money from the wider community to cover it all.

Read more about our Avalon adventure and how you can contribute to our cause here!