Return With The Elixir

It's THAT time of year.  OUR time of year.  At this turning of the cycle, fierceness is required - we look deeply into the things that trouble us, the things we're afraid of, the underworld, and we find...

Healing.  Solutions. Keys to the Mysteries. Regeneration.  We learn how to light the way, for ourselves and others. We grow into our own power.  We learn to hold our heads up and cross into whatever territories we need to go to get shit done like we own it. 

Return with the Elixir.  Inanna and Her Seven Veils.  Persephone. Isis.  We know these stories, the travails and challenges on the road build.  And then, as someone near and dear would say, "Damn, it's the BOSS battle now - I gotta level up!"

And so with that, if you've been following along on our Heroine's Journey, we have reached our "boss battle" - Return With The Elixir.  Our ancestresses and goddesses are prepared.  We have come through the year, we have walked down into our underworld and are in need of the healing salve, finding our truth and our power, and allowing our brilliant hearts to shine and be beacons for ourselves and others in the dark.

Io, Selene!  Io, Persephone! Io, Hekate!  Hail, The Benevolent Dead!  Bless us as we Retrieve The Elixirs, and may the merit from our activities be applied to the benefit and blessing and healing of all!

--Susan (on behalf of The Sisters of Fierceness)

Leap and Let Go!

Yes, it's time for another Sisters of Fierceness production!  Now with even more help from our awesome Distance Dedicant team! 

Fall is in the air.  What trust the leaves must have to let go of the trees.  What trust the trees must have to let go of the leaves!  Everything cycles around again, change is the only consistency.  Our theme for the Equinox is Leap and Let Go! 

There comes a time in every journey when there is nothing more you can do but keep on going.  It is as far to return to where you came from as it is to get to wherever you're on the road to.  It reminds me of the time I took my sweet landlubber husband out kayaking in the Salish Sea.  Safely (to me) ensconced in one big bay comprised of two smaller bays, we were about half way across one of them when he says, "NOPE!  I'm done! We're too far out! I want to go back now!"  I was able to talk him into going to the far side of the bay & then paddling back to our starting point following much more close to the shoreline.  He wasn't ready to get out of the boat, just ready to get closer to land.   If we'd immediately gone back to the side closer to where we'd taken off, we'd have missed a huge part of the far bay that was well worth exploring and a really nice afternoon paddling around.  It was a moment of trust - he had to let go of the shore behind us (as far away as the other side was close), and refocus on and commit to getting to the far side.  Leap and let go!  

Our goddess this time is multiple aspects of Tara.  She who is ready to leap into action to assist us.  Fierce compassion.  As we let go, we all need compassion.  For ourselves, for any companions we meet on our road as well - we are all hitting a brand new curve where who knows what comes next!  Tara will help us.  OM TARA! OM TARA!


Challenge and Opportunity

Our next Sisters of Fierceness sabbat celebrates Challenge and Opportunity.

We're in the midst of the doldrums of summer.  Everyone is hot and irritable. The air and energy seems stagnant and it's like moving through a morass of mud to get anything done.  Then again, the sky is blue, the air is warm, everyone starts heading outside to enjoy their summer breaks (or inside to enjoy the beautiful, beautiful air conditioning in some parts of the country!).

So much of how we experience life is determined by how we choose to frame it.  It's a truism that everyone seems to have a variation on, that challenge and opportunity are two sides of the same coin.  Where there's a challenge, there's an opportunity, and vice versa.

Our Goddess for this challenge is Kali - fierceness embodied!  When the world turns upside down, Kali is present deconstructing and then helping us reconstruct, showing us the friction where things are no longer working, helping us through the fires of transformation.  Safety is comfortable. If we are going to make change in our world, we need to be uncomfortable and get up and change those uncomfortable things. Kali shakes up our safe spaces and helps us create brave spaces where true transformation can take place.

What is your challenge? What is your opportunity? Where are your safe spaces? And where are your brave spaces?


Sisters of Fierceness Solstice of the Golden Road

It's summer, what's better than a road trip!? The Sisters of Fierceness will be celebrating the Solstice of the Golden Road! Whether it's Thelma & Louise looking at each other and saying, "DRIVE!" or Amelia Earhart flying around the world, or just a jaunt across state to see your family and beloved friends, what would a Heroine's Journey be without the journey itself? Not much! So we've heard the call, we've made some decisions, we've found our support team, and now it's time to hit the road. 

Amelia Earhart serves as our ancestress. Aphrodite Euploia, She of Fair Travel, our goddess.

Coincidentally, or not so coincidentally, we see this reflected in our distance dedicants. Some are actively On The Road, including our Presiding High Priestess, Yeshe in Tibet (THE OG Golden Road, the Silk Road!). I took a surprise trip in early June to Oakland and got to see the Sacred Well and a few people In Real Life (3-D and everything!).  Then in July there are family visits and island visits and maybe other travels as well.

Looking forward from the road, in early August, we'll be celebrating Leap & Let Go!

And speaking of Aphrodite Euploia, whatever roads you choose to travel, may the wind be at your back, and the road rise to meet you.

Still feeling the influence of an unexpected trip to the Bay Area, this post seems incomplete without this:




The Joy of Trusted Friendship

The third in the sabbats for the Sisters of Fierceness is when we have found the path, the next steps are identifying who comes on the road with you.  Who are your allies, the ones you turn to in trust when the road gets complicated and rough, the ones you turn to for celebration when something good happens?

Initially we couldn’t decide whether we wanted to go with the title the Joy of Trusted Friendship or the Gathering of Allies. When you’re on the road, you need to have both at different points. Sometimes those allies are your trusted friends, and sometimes they extend beyond that circle.  Our conclusion was that first you need the trusted friends, and from that point you can then call in the allies.  So, this year anyway, we’re starting with The Joy of Trusted Friendship.   

And who are the ones you can trust?  Who are the ones you have riotous belly laughter with?  Who are the ones that understand you?  Who can you tell your secrets and fears to? Cry on their shoulders?  Who do you sit around the fire with, arm-in-arm, singing songs, telling stories, scaring the bejeebers out of and then giggling furiously about how spooked everyone was?

What fun, what friends, as we continue on where ever this adventure is going to take us!