Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe's Rite of Becoming 2018

Come As You Are to...
The Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe's Rite of Becoming

Saturday, February 24
Doors open at 7:00PM, circle is cast at 7:15PM
(Please arrive on time, no one is admitted after the circle is cast.)

Leela Yoga Studio
1708 Lincoln Avenue, Alameda)

$10-$20 donation accepted, no one turned away for lack of funds

The mxgender Priestxes of Come As You Are Pagan Congregation invite people of any and all genders - or none - to join us in honoring who we are, right this very moment. We celebrate the acceptance of our new Rainbow Sparkle into the Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe. We call on Panprosdexia, agender Deity of Acceptance, to strengthen our ability to be our true selves and to make that self-knowledge sweet.

You are invited to bring items to charge on the altar, rattles and drums, and a treat to share for cakes and ale after we open the circle.


Image: Wallpaper Cave