2016 Aspirant Training Program

CAYA Coven's rituals and public events/activities are always open to anyone who wishes to attend. However, there are individuals who choose to become committed members of the CAYA community, as well as those who wish to take the preparatory steps required to becoming a CAYA Priest/ess/x. Those interested in becoming committed members of CAYA, or who may wish to ultimately study for Priest/ess/xhood with us, are invited to apply for our 2016 Aspirant Program.

CAYA Local Aspirants meet one Sunday per month from 3-5 pm in a local Bay Area home. Classes involve personal check-ins, discussions about CAYA's core training subjects, and hands-on magical and ritual activities. Each student is asked to make a $10 donation per class.

Applicants will be notified regarding the status of their acceptance and further information about the program by Feb 5, 2016, and classes will begin in March.

To apply please fill out the form CAYA Aspirant Program 2016. To fill it out, visit: 

Looking forward to a wonderful year ahead!