Reminder - Heart and Harvest potluck and ritual - this Saturday Aug 1

Just around the corner...The Cauldron of the Celts, a devotional group within CAYA Coven, heartily invites you and yours to:

The Festival of Heart and Harvest: Feast to Lugh

Saturday, August 1st
Ritual begins at 5pm

We will be at the Picnic site near the Berkeley Center of the Arts entrance located at:
1275 Walnut St
Berkeley, CA 94709

On this day of the Cauldron’s sacred calendar we honor Lugh! Come out to the beautiful Live Oak park and join us for a fine potluck feast of community and joy, as we pay honor to Lugh! Lugh is one the Irish Chieftain gods, the Many Skilled One, he of the Long Arm, Fierce Striker, whose spear is one of the Four Treasures of the Tuatha Dé Danann, and a keeper of many treasures. With the blessing of Lugh mac Ethlenn Ildánach, we will look to each other for the skills we possess to strengthen our community and praise his name. Together we will eat, make offerings to the Youthful Hero, hear tales of how we can all make a sustainable community, and be merry. This feast will be made all the grander by your presence and contribution!

IMPORTANT: What to bring?

  • This is a potluck feast. So please bring a dish clearly labeled (Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Carnivorous) with enough to share. If you have dietary restrictions please bring a dish that you can enjoy.

  • To be more environmentally friendly, please consider bringing your own mug/drinking vessel, plate and utensils.

  • This ritual is outside in Berkeley. The temperature can change dramatically. Please wear layers and bring a coat to fend off the cold.

  • If you need a seat for your comfort during ritual, please consider bringing a camp chair.

  • CAYA Annual Food Drive: If you wish to contribute to helping abundance be spread, please bring nonperishable food items for donation. Here is a list of Alameda County Food Bank’s most needed food items.

  • Your Glorious self!