Crossroads of Hekate - Labyrinth Restoration and Walk

Crossroads of Hekate, a devotional group within CAYA Coven, welcomes you to a labyrinth restoration and walk on Friday August 14, 2015. This event is dedicated to the goddess Hekate, and this date is near Her traditional feast day.

Who: Open to members of the public
When: August 14, 2015 6:30pm
Where: Robert Sibley Volcanic Preserve, 6800 Skyline Drive, Oakland, CA 94611

Meet at the Sibley Staging Area (Parking Lot.) We will walk the Round Top Loop Trail and tend to the labyrinth at the end of that trail. The hike is 1.1 miles each way (from "A" to "key," labeled in red on the map below) over variable terrain, and the return hike will likely be after sunset. Please plan appropriately. We will be replacing rocks where they are missing, so if you have a special rock you’d like to contribute to the labyrinth, please bring it.

Finding Guidance Through the Labyrinth of Life

The Cosmic Messengers are leading a guided Labyrinth Meditation and Hermes Devotional on Saturday, July 11, at 5:00PM, meeting at The Sacred Well and then proceeding to the Lake Merritt Earth Maze.

Life, with all of its twists and turnings, its sudden reversals and apparent contradictions, often feels like a Labyrinth. As soon as I think I have learned one of life’s great lessons, I am confronted with the lesson which seems to be its opposite.  I may think I am headed in the right directions, and then I see that everyone who seems to know what they are doing is headed in the opposite direction. But maybe we are just in different places along the same twisting path, and the opposition is an illusion.  Maybe our convoluted journeys are all leading us to the same fundamental truths we each hold at our center.

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