PDX Rite of Death and Wisdom 2017

Come As You Are to...
CAYA Coven’s Rite of Death and Wisdom
Hosted by High Priestess Yeshe Rabbit and High Priestx Jaina Bee

Saturday, October 28, 8:00PM

Regents Center, 3185 NE Regents Drive, Portland, OR 97212

$10-$20 donation requested, no one turned away for lack of funds.

This is our ritual honoring those who have gone beyond, who have built the cultures we have inherited, who innovated, dared, led, and served humanity and the Earth with honor, who lived in ways we admire, and who brought forth ideas that have shaped us or educated us.

In this feminist ceremony, the Goddesses Athena and Medusa will be invoked to tell their story in their own words. Years of patriarchal sheen have been painted atop the story of Athena and Medusa, but in this rite we will conjure their original wisdom, and learn more about the power of the shedding serpent in ourselves.

Up from the cemetery
Out of the ground
The dead join us in our dance
to turn the Wheel around
Spider weaves a new year
and Serpent sheds her skin
Change from without and
Change from within

Image: Athena Lemnia