CAYA Sprouts Family Circle August 2016: Brunch and Farmer’s Market

CAYA Sprouts invites families of all sorts, with children of all ages to our August Circle, where we will gather together to celebrate and enjoy the abundance of the late Summer harvest.

Sunday, August 28, 10:00AM-2:00PM

Location: Kensington Circus Pub, 389 Colusa Avenue, Kensington
followed by the Kensington Farmers Market at Colusa Circle

Please RSVP by August 24 to*
*Note: If you are not yet a member, you will need to request to join the Google Group before you can RSVP.

We will gather at 10:00AM at the Kensington Circus Pub for a breakfast/brunch of hearty and tasty British and American food, including a good kids menu ($4.50 for any three items).  After we’ve placed our order, adults can enjoy coffee (and/or strong British Tea), and check in/catch up, while the kids head to the indoor play area for some fun.  Once the food arrives, we will eat and socialize for an hour or so and then walk across the street to the Kensington Farmers Market to celebrate the Earth and Her late Summer bounty with a fun family activity, followed by shopping, snacking, and listening to live music, as desired.

Please bring spending money for your brunch and any purchases you may wish to make at the Farmers Market - no one turned away for lack of funds.

Come As You Are Pagan Congregation’s Sprouts Family Circles are monthly gatherings of eclectic, interfaith families with a desire to co-create safe, fun, loving, magical, child-centric spaces where kids and their caregivers can come together to deepen their relationship with Nature, Mother Earth and each other. We honor all spiritual paths and strive to create a mutually supportive environment in which to explore and develop our own unique practices to integrate Earth-based spirituality and parenting.

Families of all sorts, with children of all ages are welcome. Activities can be shortened or modified to make them suitable for even the youngest child, and the older children are encouraged to deepen their practice and develop their leadership skills by assisting adults with the planning and facilitation of structured activities, as well as assisting with caregiving and mentoring during the kids free-play/adult discussion time.

Our monthly circles include 8 seasonal celebrations and 4 community social gatherings. The loosely structured format is split between family time engaged in focused, age appropriate ritual and/or devotional activities (e.g. songs, stories, crafting, gardening, nature walks, etc), and kid's free social, snack and play time, during which the adults relax over coffee or tea and a snack while engaging in a facilitated discussion of monthly selected topics related to the integration of Earth-Based spirituality and parenting. Those who wish to go deeper can participate in suggested at home activities and join our online community to keep the discussion going at home.