CAYA Cares Fundraising Drive to Sponsor Crystal Blanton’s Wild Hunt Column

Recently, The Wild Hunt launched its yearly fall fundraising campaign. If you don't know, the Wild Hunt is a pagan blog with national readership, that publishes daily, weekly, and monthly installments, and reports on topics of interest to the pagan community as well as from within the community. CAYA has been featured in TWH several times, and many members of our community have been interviewed for pieces published there.

One of the monthly contributors to The Wild Hunt is friend of CAYA and current Pagan Alliance Keeper of the Light Crystal Blanton. She's an amazing person, a mom, a social worker, and she has contributed to our rituals both public and private. Her voice in the Wild Hunt is significant as a person of color in the mostly white pagan blog-o-sphere.

Several times each year, the CAYA Public Service Track runs a CAYA Cares fundraising campaign to support good causes in our community.  This month, our fundraising is going towards sponsoring one year of
Crystal Blanton’s regular columns for The Wild Hunt.  After one week of fundraising and one generous matching donor, we have nearly reached our $1500 goal, and are planning to contribute any additional money towards the Wild Hunt’s general fund.

You can see the "Sponsor a Columnist" perk on the campaign page here.

As a community, we are so excited to l be sponsoring our friend, but moreover we'll be sponsoring this important community resource and supporting a Woman of Color in expressing her magical truths in an empowered, supported way.

Much love,

Stella Iris and CAYA Cares :)


Crystal Blanton receives the Keeper of the Light staff from T. Thorn Coyle at the 2015 Pagan Festival

Crystal Blanton receives the Keeper of the Light staff from T. Thorn Coyle at the 2015 Pagan Festival


CAYA had a great time at the 2015 Pagan Festival!

This year, after a two-year hiatus, The Pagan Alliance was once again able to provide the Bay Area Pagan community with the much-missed Pagan Festival.  The theme for 2015 was Spirituality Through Service - a theme which is very close to CAYA’s own collective heart!

A lot of volunteers are needed to make this event a success, and in the spirit of Joyful Service, many members of CAYA signed up to get the work done!  Verity Blue Midnight, Priestx of Courageous Becoming, did a stellar job of coordinating the CAYA volunteers!  There were many familiar CAYA faces in many places on the day of the Festival, from set-up at 7:00AM to clean-up at 7:00PM!  So many CAYA Priest/ess/xes were wearing Pagan Festival Security shirts that they formed an impressive “Chartreuse Blob”!

CAYA's Chartreuse Blob of Security!

CAYA's Chartreuse Blob of Security!

CAYA also had an information booth at the Festival, and many of our devotional groups offered blessings throughout the day. Chieftain Branwen wrangled the booth schedule very effectively, so that our time yielded maximum blessings for all interested visitors!

The park was adorned with directional altars created by local Pagan groups.  CAYA created the North altar, and CAYA’s Rose and Dove Society, in partnership with The Temple of Aphrodite, created the East altar with a theme of Women Free As Birds - this year’s Mothers of the New Time working!

The Keeper of the Light chosen for 2015 is Crystal Blanton, and members of the Order of the Black Madonna and other CAYA clergy were delighted to join her in singing the praises of the Dark Mother with Szmeralda Shanel’s beautiful song.  Yeshe Rabbit was very honoured to introduce her dear friend and respected colleague.  Congratulations to Crystal for this well-earned recognition, and much gratitude to T. Thorn Coyle, who graciously held up the lantern for three years as 2012’s Keeper of the Light!

This year’s Festival gave us a chance to embody many of CAYA’s core values - Joyful Service, Justice, Community, Excellent Organization, and a Having A Great Time!  Thank you to all of the many volunteers whose dedication, creativity, and hard work made this event a rousing success!