Molly Blue Dawn's Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Featuring ideas for gifts for any of the many gift-giving occasions you and/or your friends and/or family members might be celebrating at about this time of year, or, indeed, other times of year!

Featuring artists, artisans, practitioners, craftspeople, and merchants who are local or magical or sustainable or just nifty!

Also featuring ideas for gifts that aren’t things!

Solstice, Yule, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Mithras’ Birthday, your loved ones’ birthdays that happen to fall in late November/December/early January... any one of these events might be an occasion for you to give someone a gift, even if you do not, personally, celebrate that event.  With that in mind, and prompted by an idea from the Lady Yeshe Rabbit, source of so many good ideas which have improved my life (and quite possibly yours), I have created this Holiday Gift Guide.  Feel free to use these gift ideas at other times of year, as well.  ‘Tis always the season to spread happiness while supporting local and/or magical and/or sustainable businesses!

I have divided the guide into five sections.  
Section One is a list of artists, artisans, practitioners, and craftspeople.  
Section Two is a list of nifty stores in the Bay Area.  
Section Three is a list of Craft Fair(e)s happening in the Bay Area this winter.  
Section Four is a list of musicians.  
Section Five is a list of gifts that aren’t things.

If I’ve left out one of your favourite members of any of these categories, please let me know so that I can include them in next year’s edition!

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Hello friends! Welcome to this week's Blog Roundup. The Clergy of CAYA Coven are out there blogging about all manner of amazing things and we want to make sure you have the opportunity to read them all. In service to you, our wonderful community, we've gathered up these links.

our shameful white ancestors: Yeshe Rabbit addresses this very difficult and uncomfortable topic with unflinching directness.

Skillful Means: Doyenne Rowan Nightshade reminds us of the importance of work and practice to develop the skills without even which our loftiest concepts will not manifest.

Hermitage And The Year Ahead…: Chieftain Branwen lets us in on her experiences and adventures of 2014 and her plans for 2015.

Eisodus or exodus? Where is your heart headed?: Raven of the Redwoods calls on us to make a heart-centered choice about what we are moving toward, rather than running away from what scares us.

3 Big Questions on Bliss: Melissa ra Karit invites us to share our memories, experiences, and ideas of Bliss.