Samhain-ish Events 2017

The Samhain season is so rich with witchy, magic-y, fun, spooky (and sacred) events that I have created a list of all the ones I know about for this year.  Some are scary, some are not - if it includes costumes or pumpkins or honouring the Beloved Dead, I've probably included it!


CAYA Sprouts Family Circle October 2017: Celebrate our Beloved Dead

CAYA Sprouts invites families of all sorts, and children of all ages to our October circle, where we will honor and celebrate our Beloved Dead.

Sunday, October 22, 11:00AM-2:00PM

Location: private residence in Oakland
(Please RSVP for address)

RSVP (by October 19):*
*Note: If you are not yet a member, you will need to request to join the Google Group before you can RSVP.

This month, we will gather together to craft small shoebox altars in remembrance of our Beloved Dead, followed by a sweet and heartfelt celebration sharing stories, songs and Samhain Chili to welcome and honor the presence of our Beloved Dead in our hearts and our lives.

Please come (and have kids come) prepared with pictures (photo or hand drawn) of any one of your/their Beloved Dead to be honored in this way.  This may be an ancestor of blood or affiliation, deceased pet, etc. Charms, stickers, glue, scissors, paper, and other crafty materials will be provided, but feel free to bring any additional items or relics that you or your kids would like to include in your altar.

Note: We will have a few extra shoeboxes, but if you have one at home, please bring that as well. Alternatively, if you have crafted shoebox altars in the past (with us or elsewhere) and want to keep working on/adding to your previous year's creations, feel free to bring them along!

Come As You Are Pagan Congregation’s Sprouts Family Circles are monthly gatherings of eclectic, interfaith families with a desire to co-create safe, fun, loving, magical, child-centric spaces where kids and their caregivers can come together to deepen their relationship with Nature, Mother Earth, and each other. We honor all spiritual paths and strive to create a mutually supportive environment in which to explore and develop our own unique practices to integrate Earth-based spirituality and parenting.

Families of all sorts, with children of all ages are welcome. Activities can be shortened or modified to make them suitable for even the youngest child, and the older children are encouraged to deepen their practice and develop their leadership skills by assisting adults with the planning and facilitation of structured activities, as well as assisting with caregiving and mentoring during the kids free-play/adult discussion time.

Samhain-ish Events 2016

The Samhain season is so rich with witchy, magic-y, fun, spooky (and sacred) events that I have created a list of all the ones I know about for this year.  Some are scary, some are not - if it includes costumes or pumpkins or honouring the Beloved Dead, I've probably included it!


REMINDER: 2015 Festival of Death and Wisdom

This Hallowed time of year, as the veil grows thin, CAYA Coven welcomes you and your Beloved Dead to join us in a...

Festival of Death and Wisdom

Saturday, October 31st, 2015
Doors to the Cottage open at 7pm, Ritual begins at 7:15pm*.

The Home of Truth, Main Sanctuary
1300 Grand Street
Alameda, CA 94501

*Note: Please join us in the Cottage for ritual and initiatory preparations, after which we will journey together to the Sanctuary in silent procession.

$10-$20 donation requested
Cakes & Ale immediately following

As with last year's Festival of Death & Wisdom, our main altar will be focused around a large black mirror that is being charged as a portal for the Ancestors in a 24-hour continuous chanting working leading up to the main ceremony. All are invited to bring an Ancestral photo or item to add to the altar (please remember to take it home with you as well).


As a capstone for this year's theme of “Embrace the Mystery”, this Festival of Death and Wisdom will be a re-visioning of The Eleusinian Mysteries, the most famous of the secret religious rites in Ancient Greece, celebrating the “Myth of Demeter and Persephone”, and held yearly for the Cult of Demeter.  Although paintings, pieces of pottery, and "second hand accounts" depict various aspects of the Mysteries, they are forever shrouded in secrecy.  We have no exact record of these rites and rituals, as the initiated were subject to pain of death if they revealed any of the details. Furthermore, as the myths of Ancient Greece have been transcribed, filtered and passed down to us through the distorted lens of the patriarchy, we also have no exact record of the "true" details of these stories. The one thing that we know for certain from historical records and testimonials-- those who participated in these mysteries were forever changed...and no longer feared death.

In CAYA, we believe that, at least to some degree, we construct the world through our fictions and the stories that we choose to tell ourselves...both consciously and unconsciously.  Therefore, in alignment with CAYA's matriarchal and consent-culture values and goals, we choose to tell “The Myth of Demeter and Persephone” as both the way we envision it was originally intended to be told and the way that reflects the world we wish to inhabit---A beautiful story of love, family and relationships, following our paths with courage and conviction (even in times of fear), and the choices we make (and risks that we take) as we travel the sacred journey of life, death, and rebirth.

We look forward to standing at the edge of the world with you as we “Embrace the Mystery” together.

REMINDER: Goddess Sabbat - 2015 Rite of the Underworld Crone

The Bloodroot Honey Priestess Tribe of CAYA Coven welcomes all self-identified women to...

The Rite of the Underworld Crone
Friday, October 30th, 2015
7:00 pm (no one will be admitted after circle cast)

Home of Truth Cottage
1300 Grand Street, Alameda, CA 94501
(located behind the main Chapel. Please use the sidewalk around the main chapel to get to the Cottage.)

$20 donation requested

This is a Clothing-optional ritual for self-identified women only

Do you fear what lies beyond? What of this life now? What mark will you leave upon this world and the lives of women everywhere? What will you make of your time in this realm before Death calls upon you?  Join us as we honor La Santisima Muerte - healer, protectress of outcasts, the beautiful face of life and of death.  She protects us all as we dance, sing, and love our way through this life and shows us to cut the bonds that women place upon each other as we all struggle for a life of freedom and joy.  

During this ritual, we will also be honoring our Ancestresses (of blood and/or affinity) - please feel free to bring a memento/photo of them for the altar (other items to be charged on the altar are also welcome).

What to bring:
For all Goddess Sabbats, please bring a blanket (any kind of blanket is OK) to sit on or wrap yourself in whether or not you plan to disrobe. You never know when the mood to enjoy the nakedness may strike!