CAYA’s Fourth Annual Virtual Food Drive!

Hey Everyone! Remember how I said you can help out your neighbors in Alameda County? Here's your chance:

This is year 4 of our virtual food drive, and I've set our goal just a touch higher, at $600. That will translate to about $3600 of food for local children, elders, and families.

Every dollar translates to about $6 worth of food when they buy in bulk, so even a little bit helps!

To help us reach our goal, please be sure to choose CAYA Coven from the pull down menu on your right. We have 6 weeks to raise $600, so I'm sure we can do it!

Also, if you have non-perishable goods to donate directly, there's a barrel for drop off at
The Sacred Well in Oakland.

Blessed Be!

Iris RedRaven


CAYA Cares Spring 2016: Midway Shelter for Women

Hello Friends and Community,

Did you know that right here in Alameda County, about 43% of the homeless population are families with children?

This Spring, CAYA Cares is raising funds for the Midway Shelter in Alameda. This community resource serves women and women with children suffering from homelessness and/or domestic violence, and has been operating since 1989. Midway Shelter Residents Receive: Safe place to heal from homelessness, Case management to end homelessness this stay, Children’s Services & Family Night Activities, Counseling and Life Skills support groups.

The Midway Shelter  is operated in partnership between the Alameda Homeless Network and
Building Futures with Women and Children. They also operate and support a 24-Hour Crisis Hotline: 1-866-A WAY OUT.

To take part in our donation drive, send money (in any amount) to via PayPal. Add a note that says "Alameda Women's Shelter". Please consider donating, and please forward this on to others and post on your social media.

Thanks for your help.

Stella Iris


CAYA Cares Fundraising Drive to Sponsor Crystal Blanton’s Wild Hunt Column

Recently, The Wild Hunt launched its yearly fall fundraising campaign. If you don't know, the Wild Hunt is a pagan blog with national readership, that publishes daily, weekly, and monthly installments, and reports on topics of interest to the pagan community as well as from within the community. CAYA has been featured in TWH several times, and many members of our community have been interviewed for pieces published there.

One of the monthly contributors to The Wild Hunt is friend of CAYA and current Pagan Alliance Keeper of the Light Crystal Blanton. She's an amazing person, a mom, a social worker, and she has contributed to our rituals both public and private. Her voice in the Wild Hunt is significant as a person of color in the mostly white pagan blog-o-sphere.

Several times each year, the CAYA Public Service Track runs a CAYA Cares fundraising campaign to support good causes in our community.  This month, our fundraising is going towards sponsoring one year of
Crystal Blanton’s regular columns for The Wild Hunt.  After one week of fundraising and one generous matching donor, we have nearly reached our $1500 goal, and are planning to contribute any additional money towards the Wild Hunt’s general fund.

You can see the "Sponsor a Columnist" perk on the campaign page here.

As a community, we are so excited to l be sponsoring our friend, but moreover we'll be sponsoring this important community resource and supporting a Woman of Color in expressing her magical truths in an empowered, supported way.

Much love,

Stella Iris and CAYA Cares :)


Crystal Blanton receives the Keeper of the Light staff from T. Thorn Coyle at the 2015 Pagan Festival

Crystal Blanton receives the Keeper of the Light staff from T. Thorn Coyle at the 2015 Pagan Festival