Bliss & Blessings Review

Last Saturday, CAYA Coven had its first ever dance ritual for The Festival of Bliss & Blessings at the Elks Lodge in Alameda...

We honored Dionysus with an entire ritual of dance presented by the Ekstasis Gild. Athena Nikai provided sacred chants within intense electronic tracks; each was tailored to its function, whether elemental invocation, the last Winter Court message, or even a chill backdrop for a calming session at the end of the night. Supported & directed by the Gild, those who wanted to danced & those who tended the littles or wanted a more serene experence held a quiet perimeter of trance.

Like all things that are new, it took folks a little while to get into the groove of all the constant music (and a light show by Akasha), but by the time Water was being invoked, people had figured out exactly how to flow...such is life, as it hands us new things, we approach as we can, and then given a little time, we know which way to go.

The end of the ritual included the passing of the crowns from the Winter to the May Court as we journey towards the brightest part of the wheel of the a first, there is now a genderfluid new being in the 'Court in addition to the King & Queen - the May Nymph! All hail the May Court!

-owl of love