2018 Festival of Prophecy and Initiation

CAYA Pagan Congregation invites you to...

The Festival of Prophecy and Initiation

Saturday, February 3, 2018
Doors open at 7:00PM, circle is cast at 7:15PM
(no one is admitted after circle is cast)

The Home of Truth Spiritual Center (in the Main Hall)
1300 Grand Street
Alameda, CA 94501

$10-$20 donation requested

Please join Come As You Are Pagan Congregation as we celebrate the turning of the wheel, emerging from the darkness to bring forth growth within ourselves, our community and our world. We will be honoring Persephone, and the changes  she brings within each new experience in this life. She is new green shoot, sprouting up from the fertile void, just as this community is rebirthing itself anew. During our festival, we will be prophesying for the Wheel of the Year ahead.  

This ritual marks the formal Dedication of our Aspirant class; talented and focused practitioners now completing their year of study. We will also be honoring our new Council members and Advanced Wildflower Initiates. 

Please feel free to bring drums, rattles, shakers, and anything you wish to charge on the altar. Clearly labelled contributions to our cakes and ale offerings are also welcome.

Image: Roy Marshall

Celebrate the Full Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo 2018

Wednesday, January 31 is the Full Moon in Leo, the second Full Moon within the month of January and therefore a Blue Moon. It is also a total Lunar Eclipse, the first Blue Moon Eclipse in 150 years. It is a powerful time both to accept the truth of our own shadow and to face the reality of our own radiance, realizing that true pride and true humility are the same thing - knowing who you are.

In CAYA, we are celebrating the Silent Moon - How can we find silent time to restore and regenerate our enthusiasm for our lives/work/relationships?

Molly Blue Dawn

Image: HolgaJen

Celebrate the Full Moon in Cancer 2018

Tuesday, January 2 is the Full Moon in Cancer, a time to let our hearts swell with grand hopes and naïve desires, feeling the full scope of our own longings even when they are painful, and embracing the power of our sincerest intentions, even while knowing that we may fall short of fulfilling them. It’s time to stop shriveling ourselves to fit into the limited, distorted space we have been allowed to grow into, and instead re-shaping the world like a green sprout breaking through a concrete sidewalk, tender but unstoppable!

In CAYA, we are celebrating the Yearning Moon - What desires, deep within, are yearning to be fulfilled, and how might we begin to take steps toward fulfilling them?

Molly Blue Dawn


Image: Wikimedia Commons

The Rainbow Moon Circle’s Yearning Moon 2018

Come As You Are To…
The Rainbow Moon Circle’s Yearning Moon
A Full Moon Circle Honoring and Celebrating Gender Diversity

Saturday, January 6th, 7:00PM
Doors open at 7:00PM, circle is cast at 7:15PM
Please arrive on time, no one is admitted after the circle is cast.

Home of Truth Cottage, 1300 Grand Street, Alameda
The Cottage is around the back, take the side path through the garden to find us.

$10-$20 donation accepted, no one turned away for lack of funds

The mxgender Priestxes of Come As You Are Pagan Congregation invite people of any and all genders - or none - to join us in exploring our divine nature as children of the stars. Together, we open our hearts to mystery and make a wish for the future.

You are welcome to bring something to charge on the altar, as well as cakes and ale to share after.

Our Mission: The Rainbow Moon Circle is a safe and sacred space for all to explore the spectra of gender and identity. We honor the holistic experience of self-determined identity and its infinite intersections. We celebrate the glittering prism of Divine existence that is powerful, delightful, enthusiastic, playful, transformative, magickal, compassionate, and reverent. Live the Spectra!

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