Imbolc Blessings and Updates

In 2018 we acknowledged the Fertile Void as our annual theme and have used that energy to "recharge, restore, rethink and renew"  as our transformation. We now take on the energy of "Joyful Emergence" as our annual theme and we have an announcement!

Starflower Pagan Congregation 

Following a change in leadership, Come As You Are Pagan Congregation has undertaken significant reconstruction in the past year. We feel we are a renewed organization, and as such, we have granted ourselves a new name: Starflower Pagan Congregation.

This name arose from a collective process, and it is intended to evoke the celestial and terrestrial nature of our worship, as well as our welcoming spirit. We hope that many persons affiliated with our community over the years will recognize this pivotal step forward.

With this new name comes our new structure: Starflower Pagan Congregation refers to the common entity comprised of dedicated members of the congregation and multiple clergy traditions; currently the Wildflower, Amazon Blood Mother, and Divine Spiraling Rainbow Traditions. The future Starflower Council will include representatives from each of the traditions.

In addition to changes to our organization and governance structure, our community has worked all year to improve our culture and create safe space for all voices to feel heard. We implemented an anonymous cultural assessment survey to be administered annually. We developed a new conflict resolution process. We adjusted our service requirements to prevent burn-out and foster life outside the congregation. The themes of our work are to disseminate power, increase transparency, and establish checks and balances.

We will be working until the Spring Equinox to sort out the details of the new structure and to change our name in all public spheres. Meanwhile, please join us in celebration at this crowning moment. Blessed be, Starflowers!

In updating the website, we also realized that a couple of other public statements were previously posted to our Facebook but not here:

25 January 2019 (original here

Starflower Coven is now accepting applications for our year of training in the Aspirant program. Classes involve magical connection, discussions about Starflower's core training subjects, and hands-on magical and ritual activities. The application is open until February 16th and classes will start mid March. We meet once a month in the East Bay. Most of the classes are in person, with a couple over the year being held virtually. For more information and/or to apply click here:

2 February 2018 (original here

Come As You Are (CAYA) Pagan Congregation is a matriarchal, eclectic, interfaith, open, drop-in congregation in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is to create safe, loving, magical space for those who wish to participate in our community rituals, public service initiatives, and social events.

The CAYA Council of Elders recently followed up on allegations of abuse by our former Presiding High Priestess, Jessica Matthews, aka Yeshe Rabbit. Jessica resigned, and as a result of her choice to resign while under investigation, she has been given the status of “not in good standing” within our community. CAYA Pagan Congregation has continued to actively examine and engage in open discussion around the issues that have arisen as a result of these allegations.

We would like to state clearly that CAYA has a Zero Tolerance Policy regarding violence, violent or threatening speech, harassment, or sexual assault by members of our Clergy. As a community, we will continue to collectively review and actively explore opportunities for improvement in our organizational culture, policies and processes. Our exploration and review will help us to ensure that we honor our commitment to providing a safe, welcoming and supportive environment for our members and the public. We are committed to co-creating a culture where people feel safe, heard, and empowered to come forward with any issues or concerns, regardless of anyone's individual role or position.

Blessed be.