Celebrate the Full Moon in Libra with the Witches of Transgression

Tuesday, April 11 is the Full Moon in Libra, a time to consider matters objectively and fairly, while keeping in mind that favouring the most unreasonable and demanding people in order to preserve an uneasy peace is *not* fair at all, and that the objective truth may be questioned and attacked from many sides, and yet still be the objective truth, and still be the only basis on which to build a world which is truly fair, just, and compassionate for all.

On Tuesday evening, or during the week, I invite you to join or support the Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe in our Full Moon working for 2017, Witches of Transgression.

In CAYA, we are celebrating the Trickster Moon - Where do life's lessons sneak up on us/surprise us, and how can we greet these lessons with receptivity instead of resistance?

Born In The Fire,

Molly Blue Dawn

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