Celebrate the Full Moon in Aquarius with the Mothers of the New Time

Thursday, August 18 is the Full Moon in Aquarius, a time to allow ourselves to be pleasantly surprised- delighted, even! - by new information, new opportunities, and a new understanding of what, however hard to explain, we truly want in our lives, and how we can actually make it happen, co-creating a better world for all by re-aligning with our own deepest selves.

On Thursday evening, or during the week, I invite you to join or support the Mothers of the New Time in our Full Moon working for 2016, Spirit.

In CAYA, we are celebrating the Laughing Moon - How might we honor the transformative power of laughter in our lives to get us through hard times/drudgery/toil?

The Goddess Is Alive,

Molly Blue Dawn

Source: http://www.cayacoven.org/2016-the-goddess-...