2016 Festival of Heart and Harvest - please note different time and location than usual!

Come As You Are to...

CAYA Coven’s Festival of Heart and Harvest
presented by the
Gladsheim devotional group

Please note different time and location than usual!
Saturday, July 30, 2016
Gather at 5:00PM, circle is cast at 5:15PM

Live Oak Park
We will be at Picnic Area 2, near the Berkeley Arts Center
1275 Walnut Street, Berkeley, CA 94709

$10-$20 donation requested

This is the time of year when we celebrate the work we have done and the bountiful harvest we have created. The most valuable crop we harvest, and that which makes our harvest possible, is our community! We share the best of ourselves, we support one another, and when challenged, we prevail through our strong and ever-renewing commitment to Frith - the Norse ideal of peace, fellowship, and interdependence which is at the heart of our community.

Join us at our joyous communal feast as we honor the Norse deities, toast our own accomplishments during this challenging year, and come together to continually weave our community’s strong and resilient web of Frith!

IMPORTANT: What to bring?
This is a potluck feast, so if you are able, please bring a dish clearly labeled (Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Carnivorous) with enough to share. If you have dietary restrictions, please bring a dish that you can enjoy.

This ritual is held outside in Berkeley. The temperature can change dramatically. Please wear layers and bring a coat to fend off the cold.

If you need a seat for your comfort during ritual, please consider bringing a camp chair.

Your Glorious self!