The Rainbow Moon Circle’s Fury Moon 2016

Come As You Are To…
The Rainbow Moon Circle’s Fury Moon
A Full Moon Circle Honoring and Celebrating Gender Diversity

Saturday, July 16, 7:00PM
Doors open at 7:00PM, circle is cast at 7:15PM
Please arrive on time, no one is admitted after the circle is cast.

Qulture Collective, 1714 Franklin Street, Oakland

$10-$20 donation accepted, no one turned away for lack of funds

Fury Moon: What is worth fighting for or defending in our lives? What is worth our blood/sweat/tears? How do I stand up/speak out for what I believe in?

mxgender Priestxes of Come As You Are Pagan Congregation invite people of any and all genders - or none - to join us in harnessing the power of our rage.

We will be calling in the formidable Genderqueer deity, Pancrates - All-Power, of the
Tetrad++; a transgender pantheon. Honored Ancestors and Transxstors will include Leslie Feinberg and the 49 LGBTQIA+ comrades who fell in Orlando, transforming the furious power of our grief into a laser beam that creates real change, right Now.

If you wish, you may bring a special item or sacred tool to charge on our altar, and a snack to share for cakes and ale after we open the circle.

Our Mission:
The Rainbow Moon Circle is a safe and sacred space for all to explore the spectra of gender and identity. We honor the holistic experience of self-determined identity and its infinite intersections. We celebrate the glittering prism of Divine existence that is powerful, delightful, enthusiastic, playful, transformative, magickal, compassionate, and reverent. Live the Spectra!

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