The Joy of Trusted Friendship

The third in the sabbats for the Sisters of Fierceness is when we have found the path, the next steps are identifying who comes on the road with you.  Who are your allies, the ones you turn to in trust when the road gets complicated and rough, the ones you turn to for celebration when something good happens?

Initially we couldn’t decide whether we wanted to go with the title the Joy of Trusted Friendship or the Gathering of Allies. When you’re on the road, you need to have both at different points. Sometimes those allies are your trusted friends, and sometimes they extend beyond that circle.  Our conclusion was that first you need the trusted friends, and from that point you can then call in the allies.  So, this year anyway, we’re starting with The Joy of Trusted Friendship.   

And who are the ones you can trust?  Who are the ones you have riotous belly laughter with?  Who are the ones that understand you?  Who can you tell your secrets and fears to? Cry on their shoulders?  Who do you sit around the fire with, arm-in-arm, singing songs, telling stories, scaring the bejeebers out of and then giggling furiously about how spooked everyone was?

What fun, what friends, as we continue on where ever this adventure is going to take us!