Maker's Moon 2016: On Turning Grief Into Beauty

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of grief in my corner of the world. Within my community alone, there have been numerous people experiencing deaths of friends and family members, marriages ending, and pets dying. Two of my friends are recent widows. Within our larger global community, many of us mourn the deaths of several influential entertainers in the world of music, film and stage. Minorities, particularly black and Native American people, are dying at the hands of police and a system that shoves them into the cracks. Trans women continue to be murdered at a frightening pace. It's a lot to take in, and during this past moon, the Silent Moon, we've had a lot of time to contemplate what this means to us.

In several communities I belong to on Facebook, I've been noticing a trend lately. People are taking their grief and pain, transmuting them into beautiful and powerful works of art. I've seen some amazing artistic tributes to those loved and lost come through in amazing woodworking projects, needlepoint, knitting and crocheting, instrument building, online visual art, and so much more.

The creative bug is definitely in the air. Today is the Dark Moon, heralding the beginning of the Maker's Moon. As we emerge from our physical, emotional and mental winter into spring, this is a potent time to pick up projects we have let languish, take up a new skill, or dive into something completely new. You don't even have to be artistically inclined! What you decide to create can be anything at all. Perhaps your creativity lies in the kitchen and trying out new recipes. Perhaps you want to focus on manifesting something new in your life: a budget, a new job, a new place to call home. Maybe you want to manifest an addition to your family. The possibilities are endless.

For me, I've been bitten by the choreographic bug. I am a lifelong dancer, but the drive to make dances only resurfaced for me a couple months ago. I've been taking dance classes to perfect the skills I will need to create these works of art. Also, this weekend marks the start of the work of my Initiate year, from which I hope to manifest being ordained as a CAYA Priestess next year. This will involve creating space within myself to grow and change in the ways necessary to being fit to serve this community as Clergy.

What are you grateful for in this past moon cycle? What do you wish to manifest in the coming moon cycle? The Maker's Moon is a potent time to ponder these questions, and then bring your creations to the world.

Ravensong Phoenixfire