REMINDER: 2016 Rainbow Moon Circle Rite of Becoming

CAYA Coven’s Rainbow Moon Circle presents the Rite of Becoming
A Full Moon Circle Honoring Gender Diversity

February 27, 2016
8pm (no one is admitted after the circle is cast).

The Sacred Well
536 Grand Ave, Oakland
wheelchair accessible

$10-$20 donation requested — no one turned away for lack of funds

Come As You Are Pagan Congregation’s Rainbow Moon Circle invites people of any and all genders —or none— to join us as we reveal the possibilities and potential in ourselves and each other. What will we choose to bring forth into the world? We will call upon Panprosdexia—All-Acceptance; the Agender deity of the Tetrad++ pantheon, to support this work. Together we will witness and honor the first public Initation into The Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe—CAYA Coven’s Mxgender Mystery Tradition. Bring something to charge on the altar and a treat for Cakes and Ale following the ritual— and Come As You Are!

Our Mission: The Rainbow Moon Circle is a safe and sacred space for all to explore the spectra of gender and identity. We honor the holistic experience of self-determined identity and its infinite intersections. We celebrate the glittering prism of Divine existence that is powerful, delightful,  enthusiastic,  playful, transformative, magickal, compassionate, and reverent. Live the Spectra!

Mark your calendars for Trickster Moon;
Saturday, April 23, 7pm at The Qultural Collective, Oakland.

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