We Are The Miracle We Need

During this entire election cycle, I donated as often as I could to my candidate.  I worked to get out the vote.  On Saturday at City Hall, I cast my vote for the first woman to ever be named as a presidential candidate for one of the two major political parties.  As the election returns poured in and the picture began to look more and more grim, I sat at my altar and prayed for a miracle.  I slept fitfully last night, as did so many others.

Like so many others, I woke up to the news of my nightmares:  our country had elected a misogynistic, racist, jingoistic, fraudulent man to be our next commander-in-chief.  As I read through my news feed on Facebook, the fear, anger, grief, betrayal, and disbelief was palpable.  I breathed into my center as I held space for my own feelings as well as the emotions of my community.

As I sat in my center, I found that the answer to my prayer was one I did not expect: no spiritual entity has the power to override the free will of humanity. The miracle has to be us.  It is up to us to be the change we want to see in this country.  In this world.  It starts with looking within ourselves for the skills and talents we have to bring to the table. Then, looking at the people next to us.  Let's really see each other.  Let's work together to look to one another for support.  Let's lift one another up.  If you come across someone struggling, whether they be community, complete stranger, or someone with whom we have a complicated relationship, lift them up.  Let's all work to lift one another up right now, best we can.  Let's stand firm for civil rights, best we can.  Let's show up every day, best we can.

As our most recent election has only served to uphold the ideals of the Patriarchy, we need the influence of the Matriarchy more than ever.  I vow to my CAYA community, the LGBTQIA community, immigrants, minorities, and all those who will be especially vulnerable when the next administration takes office, that I stand with you.  I invite others to join me and do the same.

This Saturday, CAYA will be holding ritual for our Graveyard Moon. This is a time for us to heed the wisdom of our ancestors, both of blood and affinity.  This is a time for us to properly lay to rest that which no longer serves us, as well as plant the seeds for what we hope to grow from this loss.  We bury our dead and plant our seeds in the dirt.  Therefore, this is a potent time to make a strong commitment to ourselves and to all those with whom we've come in contact.

It's time to let go of the idea that others will look after our best interests.  It's time to plant the seeds of change.  It is up to us to be that change we want to see in the world.

Ravensong Phoenixfire, Wildflower Initiate