Casting Divine Rainbows into the World

Three years ago, this week, a group of CAYA clergy and initiates embarked upon an exploration of how our collective might offer sacred services that honor gender diversity. That first year, we were a humble study group— scouring the interwebs for kindred spirits, perusing books and blogs for hints and inspiration, and attending any event where we might find signs of the intersection of Trans identies and Pagan spirituality.

By the next solar return, a divine vision had sparked the Rainbow Moon Circle, and a cycle of rituals honoring deities of many Mxgender (AKA non-binary)  and transformative identities was held at The Sacred Well. Our ritual planning committees were often overwhelmed by the tremendous force of previously untapped energies that wanted to pour through the little channel we had opened. Sabbats and Esbats leapfrogged and piggy-backed into our sacred space, and though it was exhilerating and magickal, we knew we needed to open up even more space to let this divine flow expand and unfurl.

Another blessed vision sparked The Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe. This spring, Melissa ra Karit Initiated both zirself and the Mxgender mystery tradition. As ze has delved into pioneering work, the still rather hybrid Rainbow Moon Circles continued to be held— this year at Qulture Collective. Working closely together (ze and myself, Baba Bee), we have spent the past solar cycle untangling the thrumming, undulating, sparkling heap of rainbow threads and gathering together two distinct yet deeply related skeins of energy: the any-and-all-genders-or-none Moon Rituals following the Wildflower Tradition of the Rainbow Moon Circle and the Mxgender Solar Rites of the Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe. At our final hybrid ritual of 2016—The Rite of Release on November 19 at Qulture Collective—we will ceremoniously acknowledge this parting of ways.

2017 will bring these two powerful currents to the public, with Rainbow rituals at PantheaCon, both locations of The Sacred Well (Portland AND Oakland!) and at Qulture Collective. Hail and welcome these magickal siblings in the ever-growing family of joyful service we call Come As You Are Pagan Congregation.