Return With The Elixir

It's THAT time of year.  OUR time of year.  At this turning of the cycle, fierceness is required - we look deeply into the things that trouble us, the things we're afraid of, the underworld, and we find...

Healing.  Solutions. Keys to the Mysteries. Regeneration.  We learn how to light the way, for ourselves and others. We grow into our own power.  We learn to hold our heads up and cross into whatever territories we need to go to get shit done like we own it. 

Return with the Elixir.  Inanna and Her Seven Veils.  Persephone. Isis.  We know these stories, the travails and challenges on the road build.  And then, as someone near and dear would say, "Damn, it's the BOSS battle now - I gotta level up!"

And so with that, if you've been following along on our Heroine's Journey, we have reached our "boss battle" - Return With The Elixir.  Our ancestresses and goddesses are prepared.  We have come through the year, we have walked down into our underworld and are in need of the healing salve, finding our truth and our power, and allowing our brilliant hearts to shine and be beacons for ourselves and others in the dark.

Io, Selene!  Io, Persephone! Io, Hekate!  Hail, The Benevolent Dead!  Bless us as we Retrieve The Elixirs, and may the merit from our activities be applied to the benefit and blessing and healing of all!

--Susan (on behalf of The Sisters of Fierceness)