Celebrate the Dark Moon in Virgo with the Fathers of Change

Saturday, September 12, is the Dark Moon in Virgo, a time to focus on details which may have been hidden or overlooked, separating the trash from the recycling from the treasure, knowing what to give up and what to give away, making room to discover - or  remember - what may be the key to solving our own personal mysteries and playing our own key roles in co-creating a world which is workable for all and well-planned, down to the details.

This Dark Moon is also a Solar Eclipse, although it will not be visible from North America. http://www.universetoday.com/122113/kicking-off-eclipse-season-our-guide-to-the-september-13th-partial-solar-eclipse

During this week, I invite you to join or support the Fathers of Change in their 2015 Dark Moon working.

If you would like to share more of your experience with the Fathers of Change, you may join the Google+ community.

All Earth Is Connected,

Molly Blue Dawn

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