CAYA's Annual Virtual Food Drive 2015

A message from Stella Iris RedRaven of the CAYA Public Service Track:

Hello friends and family!

I'm very excited! I've just done something to fight hunger and poverty right here in my neighborhood. :) You can too.

Each year, CAYA Coven hosts a virtual food drive to support hungry families in Alameda County. The ACCFB is a huge supplier and clearinghouse for donations, providing healthy food to smaller distribution centers throughout the area.

Follow this link: if you'd like to participate. Use the drop down menu on the top right to attribute your donation to CAYA, so we can keep track. If we hit our goal of $500 (not much) we will be providing over $3000 worth of food to our friends and neighbors. Let's blow that goal out of the water (even if you don't live here)!

"For every $1 contributed, we’ll provide $6 worth of healthy food to low-income children, adults and seniors in our neighborhoods. Whether a warm meal at a soup kitchen or a bag of healthy groceries from one of our Mobile Pantries, you nourish the bodies and minds of our community’s most vulnerable.

Thank you for partnering with us in our pursuit of a hunger-free community.

In gratitude,

The Alameda County Community Food Bank"

CAYA will also be collecting dry and canned food donations at all of our upcoming Full Moon rituals on Saturday, August 29: the Laughing Moon (Grove of the Goddess and Brotherhood of the Moon) and Juicy Moon (Rainbow Moon Circle).