The Rite of the Abundant Queen

The Bloodroot Honey Priestess Tribe of CAYA Coven welcomes all self-identified women to...

The Rite of the Abundant Queen
Friday, July 31st, 2015
 7:00 pm (no one will be admitted after circle cast)

Home of Truth Cottage 
1300 Grand Street, Alameda, CA 94501
(located behind the main Chapel. Please use the sidewalk around the main chapel to get to the Cottage.)

$20 donation requested
Clothing is optional

Important Note: We will be using incense during this ritual. 

High Summer is upon us, it is a time to harvest the abundance you have cultivated and to begin setting in motion your abundance to come. Join us for a night of celebrating the strength and wisdom of women who rule their realm! We will hear the stories of Queens and be blessed with abundance and prosperity by the Gallo-Roman goddess Epona. Now is the time to empower one another, and to work magic that we may all prosper.

Please feel free to come bedecked in what makes you feel regal. Be that a tiara and ruby red lipstick, all of your gemstone necklaces and a ring on every finger, or completely unadorned!

What to bring:
We will be doing a prosperity working, so remember to bring your wallet and/or a business card!

For all Goddess Sabbats, please bring a blanket (any kind of blanket is OK) to sit on or wrap yourself in whether or not you plan to disrobe. You never know when the mood to enjoy the nakedness may strike!