Solstice of Light Triumphant in honor of Isis of 10,000 Names

CAYA Coven welcomes you to...

Solstice of Light Triumphant
in honor of Isis of 10,000 Names
presented by CAYA's Naos Isis devotional group

Saturday, June 20
The Home of Truth
Doors open at 7 pm, ritual begins at 7:15
$10 donation requested

Isis/Au Set...her name conjures the Mysteries of alchemy, fertility, motherhood, love, and resurrection. What parts of ourselves have we severed, squandered, or lost? What would make us feel whole and healed in our hearts, in our wounded spaces, in our lives? Where do we seek warmth and joy?

 In this ritual, we call upon Isis/Au Set for her powers of restoration--of health, life force, lost resources, lost loves, forgotten dreams, and stolen justice. Together, we will make offerings, sing praises, and lift our voices, our bodies and/or our spirits in the dance of rebirth. As the Sun makes a glorious stand against the shadow that seeks to engulf it on this brief night, so will we make our own stands in favor of welcoming the light of renewal into our lives.

If you have been feeling so gloomy that you are not likely to come, that might be the best reason to come to this ritual, lay yourself at the feet of the Goddess and receive her warmth, as many of us feel called to do from time to time.

This is CAYA Coven’s first ritual that will be conducted entirely bi-lingually in English and Spanish. We welcome Guest Priestess and Presiding Priestess Carolina Amor of the Circulo de Isis, who is also a CAYA Aspirant, and CAYA Priestess Quetzal, who will generously offer their skills and talents in making this ritual beautiful, and translating it into Spanish. Additionally, there will be Egyptian prayers shared during the ceremony. Language enthusiasts are most welcome at this ritual!

Social time will be hosted after ritual by CAYA's Dedicants, with gluten-free, allergy-sensitive foods and beverages available, along with omnivorous choices. We do our best to accommodate a wide range of needs. If you are in doubt, please feel free to bring your own safe snack for yourself or to share.