Call for Submissions: Crowned by Star and Sky

Call for Submissions

Crowned by Star and Sky: A collection of works devoted to the Queen of Heaven

Crowned by Star and Sky is a zine inspired by and devoted to the many forms and manifestations of the Queen of Heaven. We are always accepting new submissions.

All contributions should be devotional in nature. If you wish to submit to a particular issue, please be sure that your contribution fits within one of the forthcoming themes, featured below.

Volume 2, Issue 2: Sovereign Skies will be published June 21, 2015.

Submissions for Sovereign Skies are due by May 11, 2015.

At this time we will be accepting submissions of all lengths and types, including, but not limited to: poetry, prayer, song, ritual, devotion, artwork, and personal accounts, as well as work of a more academic nature. You may submit as many or as few pieces as you feel called.

We will consider previously published pieces to which the creators maintain the rights on a case by case basis, however, we are most excited about and interested in new works. We will be publishing under a Creative Commons license, so all submitted works will remain your sole intellectual property. *

Submissions should be sent via email to

For more information on how to submit, please see our Submission Guidelines page:

Please see for the most up to date information, and Blessed Be!