CAYA-Related Events at PantheaCon 2015

Official PantheaCon schedule:


Complete Program Guide:


Events hosted by CAYA or organizations within CAYA, or including members of CAYA:


Friday, February 13


Music for Life Cycles and Rites of Passage

Turning Earth Singers

Friday, 1:30PM, Pine


The Rite of the Grand Convergence    

Black Rose Witchcraft

Friday, 9:00PM, Cedar/ Pine


Authentic Recon Lady Gaga Devotional/Clothing Swap

Friday, 11:00PM, Oak


Pomba Gira 3.0: Red on Black!!!

American Magic Umbanda House

Friday, 11:00PM, Cedar/ Pine


Saturday, February 14


Wake Up To Spirit

CAYA Coven

Saturday, 9:00AM, Cedar


Hexenfest Revisioning Meeting

Hexenfest, CAYA Coven, and others

Saturday, 11:00AM, Hexenfest Suite, Room 263


Turning The Wheel: Nurturing Young Leaders & Embracing Change    

Thorn, Jason, David, Courtney, Shauna, Luna, Elena, Athena

Saturday, 1:30PM, Oak


Oracles from the Living Tarot    

Aurea Arcana

Saturday, 3:30PM, Cedar/ Pine


Warding and Ritual Safety    

Warding and Ritual Safety Panelists

Saturday, 3:30PM, Silicon Valley


Salon d’Aphrodite

The Temple of Aphrodite

Saturday, 11:00PM, Silicon Valley


Sunday, February 15


Pagan Kids’ Song and Story Time    

Turning Earth Singers

Sunday, 9:00AM, Santa Clara


Sacred Mass in Celebration of the Dark Mother    

Order of the Black Madonna

Sunday, 1:30PM, Oak


Songs of Devotion    

Bloodroot Honey Priestess Tribe

Sunday, 7:00PM, Oak


Events hosted by or including organizations or individuals allied or affiliated with CAYA:


Friday, February 13


Gods and Monsters: Building a Variant Pantheon

DK Cowan

Friday, 7:00PM, San Juan/ San Carlos


Saturday, February 14


Create Your Own Compass: Casting Sheets For Fun and Divination

Karen Krebser

Saturday, 11:00AM, San Carlos


Pagan Culture Confronts Our Prison Crisis    

Pagan Alliance

Saturday, 1:30PM, Boardroom


Tradition vs. Innovation: A Panel Discussion    

Phoenix LeFae

Saturday, 1:30PM, Carmel/ Monterey


Queering Conjure: Working Roots of Liberation    

Lou Florez

Saturday, 3:30PM, San Juan/ San Carlos


Teenage Gods and Heroes    

Ekklesia Antinoou

Saturday, 9:00PM, San Jose


Druid Ritual and Grand Procession    

House of Danu

Saturday, 9:00PM, San Juan/ San Carlos


Pandemonaeon Live Show    


Saturday, 9:00PM, Cedar/ Pine


Katabasis: Descent to the Underworld    

Circle of Dionysos

Saturday, 11:00PM, Club Max


Sunday, February 15


Honoring or Appropriation? What is the Difference?    

T. Thorn Coyle, Chandra Alexandre, Crystal Blanton, & Friends

Sunday, 3:30PM, Fir


Lupercalia and Parentalia 2015!    

Ekklesia Antinoou

Sunday, 3:30PM, San Martin/ San Simeon


Pagans of Color Caucus    

Xochiquetzal Duti

Sunday, 9:00PM, Boardroom


Monday, February 16


Sonic Alchemy: The Well of Song    

Sharon Knight

Monday, 11:00AM, Cedar