Celebrate the Full Moon in Gemini with the Mothers of the New Time

Wednesday, November 25 is the Full Moon in Gemini, a time to communicate very clearly with the people around us and with the Universe, listening with our full attention and opening ourselves to messages from many sources, making sure that we say what we mean and mean what we say, as our carefully considered words have the power to co-create a world of mutual respect and understanding.


On Wednesday evening, or during the week, I invite you to join or support the Mothers of the New Time in our Full Moon working, Women Free As Birds.

In CAYA, we are celebrating the Graveyard Moon - What are the messages our Ancestors want to offer us at this darkening time of year?

Dancing at the Edge of the World,

Molly Blue Dawn

Source: http://www.cayacoven.org/working-for-2015