Fall Tree Magick

The Forest Mystics, a temple within CAYA Coven dedicated to the Green gods in their many forms, invites all people who hold for a compassionate, just, caring society that honors the Earth to participate in a magical working with us.

For each part of this working, we ask that you find a tree near the intended recipient of your magic. Ask the tree for a gift of some part of itself, such as a leaf, bud, twig, or piece of bark. Take your piece of tree home with you to your altar or other sacred space. Send your energy and intentions into that piece of tree, knowing that the connection to the tree from which it came allows your magic to reach through the parent tree. Do this as often as you feel called to.

For fall, we focus our intentions on the justice system. Find a tree near a prison, jail, or courthouse. We hold for a seismic shift in our collective execution of justice, for all people to be treated fairly, for a justice system that keeps people inside and outside safe rather than punishing them, and a for a deep knowing by all that we are all part of the same human family.

Let love be the ground
On which justice abounds

When you feel complete with this part of our working, return the piece of tree to somewhere it can compost and return to the Earth.