Aphrodite's Altar

Cross-posted from Ladybug's Adventures

At the last dark moon, my personal work involved a lot of general moving-in activities like cleaning and organizing, but the part where I focused the most energy and intention was specifically towards setting up an altar to Aphrodite in my bedroom and manifesting bedroom decor worthy of her.  That way, I can think of the whole room as being hers, like a mini temple.  Of course, when I say “hers” I don’t mean it first belongs to her and then to me.  What I mean is that she is the patron of the room.  It’s energetically under her auspices.  The way that I live in that room is a reflection of who I am as her priestess, and it’s a place for her and I to relate and blend on a daily basis.  It’s a place for me to feed her and for her to revitalize me.

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